Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tampa, Here I come!!

So excited to be heading to Tampa tomorrow! I am going to visit my BFF, Ashley.  Her husband called me over a month ago and asked if I would come to surprise her for her birthday.  DUH. I'll be right there!
this was at her sister's bachelorette party last year
She has three beautiful children that I am ready to squeeze!! She was telling me today that they were asking questions about my belly (having two babies).  I was so hoping I would be showing by now, but I lost another pound. :(  It's so odd... when I'm trying to lose weight, I can look at food and gain and NOW I eat half a bag of cheetoos and lose weight?  I have been trying to eat more, but I feel full so fast.  

I have an u/s on Monday (12 weeks)! So excited to see my babies again!!

Have a great weekend... I'll have lots of pics when I return!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Could it be...

The return of sweets?

The past few nights I have been dreaming of cupcakes.... I took that as a sign that I am ready to let sweets back in my life?!

HOT. Attic

This weekend we decided to tackle the attic.  We started early Saturday morning so it wouldn't be so hot.  Boy was it a hot mess!  You could find anything from old yearbooks, jerseys, Christmas decorations to wedding presents still in their box!  We separated into piles: trash, garage sale and back to attic.  For the time being, we are leaving everything out bc soon Justin is adding more boards (for added space) and is going to blow it with insulation.

Now we just have to decide when the yard sale will be!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


WOW! What a morning!!  Today we met my OB for the first time (I switched Dr).  She was a hoot.  She has no filter on her mouth!  Let's just say I am extremely modest and she embarrassed the crap out of me! Justin and I had many laughs in that short 30 min.
We got to have another u/s and it was amazing.  They actually look like babies!!  They both had strong heart beats and were measuring perfect!!  It was so good to hear them and see the progress.
Baby A was actually moving it's legs and Baby B was facing us with it's legs crossed and hands over the face. They are so cute to me already!!
I'm in love
Baby A is on the right and B is on left

Oh happy days!

I'm ready!

OMG! Today is my appointment!! In 1 hour and 50 minutes I get to meet my new OB!  I have been having crazy dreams so I really need this appt. to confirm they are both still in there and healthy!!
Full report later!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Diaper Bags and Sunflowers

I meant to post yesterday, but was to tired!  When we were in the OBX we stopped at the Coach outlet.  Remember J gave me $ for our anniversary for a cool, hip diaper bag, so I thought it was perfect timing to hit the outlets.  BINGO I found this great Coach bag and it was on sale!!
I love that I can use it as a purse as well!
And Lots of room!
I may have found some great sunglasses too!
Love a good deal...and it helped they were passing out an extra 10 % off total purchase!

A couple months ago I planted different types of sunflowers.  I had no idea how big some of them were going to be.  I guess that's why they were called "mammoth".  There were at least 5 that were as tall as the house!!  I also picked up some red ones.  They were not great.. i think they looked like death.  They were red with black center.  Not a fan.  Justin hated all of them and said they looked like big weeds.  SO, he got his wish, I let him cut them down.  It does look a lot better.
Look how "mammoth" they really were!
Look at those roots!

It is a beautiful, hot day so off to the pool.

Pregnancy updates tomorrow... have our second u/s!!

Monday, July 19, 2010


We are back!  What a great trip we had!  We arrived to the OBX Wed around dinner time and headed right out for dinner. 
Thursday was all day beach day!! I loved it.  Nothing beats a summer breeze, feet in the sand and good friends!  We went out to Kelly's for dinner and it was fabulous!!!!!!!  I had Filet Oscar and OMG it was the one of the best steaks I have ever had!!  After dinner, Kelly's had a band playing so we stayed to dance and sing along.  Being the only pregnant one of the group, when 12 am came along I was ready to GO.  I went to pay their bar tab and the bartender was super rude.... not good.  When I am tired, the littlest thing sets my emotions off.  I started crying, so Justin went home with me while the others stayed to dance!
Friday we drove up to Corolla to spend the day with Justin's family.  We had so much fun.  Have you ever played the game Things?  It was so much fun and would be great with our friends! 
Saturday we went to a place where you can drive on the beach and set up shop!  It was my first time driving on the sand and it was pretty cool.  I will admit I freaked a little when the car started shaking.  The wind was really bad so after the shaky drive and lots of set up (for the little boys) we packed up and went to the pool.
Meat and Little Bear
so cute!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Unusual but oh so good!

 You ready for what I am about to tell you?  Don't judge... this is a must try... trust me!
Peanut Butter, Bacon, Mayo and Tomato sandwich!!! This is not a pregnancy sandwich!  My grandfather told me about this last year and so I owed it to him to try it! DELISH!

For some reason I can't rotate, but you get the picture!  I did put more bacon, you just need to see the pb under there!!
And the tomatoes are so juicy!! Love it!
Now.. promise you will at least try it (If you eat meat) and let me know what you think!!

We are off to the Outer Banks!  Praying for nice weather and a relaxing couple of days!  We are staying with Broke, Kerry and the boys (twin 14 month olds).

Lots of pics to come.  Now go try your new sandwich!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Italian dinner rules

Today we went to Justin's "second parents" house to watch the world cup final and dinner.  Dinner at their house includes 4 families and some way or another, they are all related!  Ronnie married Connie's sister and Connie's sister married Ronnie's brother and so on!
We all sat down, at a very long table, to "macaroni", meat, salad and bread.  Did you know there was an order to eating?  Apparently I missed it bc once everyone was seated and had their plates full of pasta, I served my pasta and salad.  Everyone started looking at me! Then one of the men said there is order... first "macaroni" then meat, then salad.  What?  I wasn't eating the meat, but if I was, I would have wanted it in my pasta. right?
After dinner Justin brought out the moonshine.  Oh boy...did he realize it was a work night? Nope!  Three Italians and my husband = a loud table!
It was good to see the Murhpy's, but I am glad to be home in the peace and quiet!

What do you call your pasta? Do you eat it all separately?
I usually either say spaghetti or noodles with red sauce!  Today was a learning experience!

Friday, July 9, 2010


Our Anniversary dinner plans were changed at the last minute due to J having an upset stomach.   We had planned on going to the Melting Pot, but two upset stomachs is no good when you are going to the Melting Pot.  We opened gifts and sat around til his stomach felt better and went to Macaroni Grill instead.
Signed Hershel Walker football jersey! He was so we need a frame!
He gave me a sweet card and some money for a bag.  He said he looked for a long time for a cool diaper bag or a Michael Kors bag with no luck.

Last night we were still wanting to go to Melting Pot so we went with our buds, Kerry and Brooke.
Forgot to take a picture of my favorite course: CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!
Had a delicious spinach and mushroom salad
Enjoyed The Signature dish for my main course
Filet, chicken, white shrimp, and teryaki steak
Surprisingly, I was up to try dessert!
Ying Yang
My favorite treat was a cut up banana!

I finally exercised!

I have had little to No motivation these past two weeks.  Yesterday, knowing we were going to Melting Pot for dinner, I made myself do a walking video.  This is what happens when you work out at home:
Warning:  You might need sunglasses!
Ha! Excuse the messy room (told you I had no motivation and that includes cleaning!) and flash.  How hot is this?!  Even though the air was set at 72, it was almost 76 in the house so I had to dress cool!!

I am trying to talk myself into going to the gym today!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

and the day continued

After a wonderful service we all headed to the Cardinal Country Club for some dancing!  This was by far, one of the best nights of my life!!

First Dances

Mom tearing up watching our dance
Fun times
We were delayed inside b/c one of Justin's friends was lighting the sparklers inside!

Off to The Melting Pot for dinner!


Three years ago today I married the most wonderful Man in the world!  He was nice enough to share is birthday with our anniversary!  Happy 35th Birthday!! 
I found an old wedding cd a friend's dad made for us, so here are some of my favorite pics of our day!
I was a bit emotional before walking down the isle!
Love this one of Dylan, the ring bearer, coming back down the isle!
in his fairness, I think this was after everyone had left and we were doing more pics

This one makes me laugh!  Justin was so tired of taking pictures!
more kisses

with my Matron of Honor, Ashley

More to come later!!!