Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanks Amillion!

Wow!  We have so much to be thankful for this year!!  This post is for our family:  Payne's and Fredrick's!  The past couple of weeks, they have all gone out of their way to get us and our house ready for babies!
Thanksgiving day Mom, Dad and my Aunt Ann made a beautiful dinner and brought it to the hospital and stayed to visit

I was so stuffed!  Not to mention the wonderful nursing staff brought me a plate of their potluck Thanksgiving!

Friday, all the Fredricks worked around our house, cleaning baby dishes, washing baby clothes and blankets and putting cribs together!
The cribs are the size of a linebacker!! 

Darcy read the directions and made sure the boys understood!
It's coming together!
They take up more room than we anticipated so we are still figuring out the layout of the room

After all their hard work, they brought Mexican to the hospital and we played games.  I lost.  :)
Saturday there was still a lot to do around the house, Mom knocked off some Christmas shopping for me and bought crib sheets and mattress pad covers, Teddy and his Girlfriend brought me a smoothie, then it was time for the UGA/Ga Tech game.
After hours of cheering, eating and clapping, the Dawgs pulled a W!!  That makes Justin and the rest of the family very happy!!
 Before Justin left, he helped track Max and Claire.  They are doing great and very busy in Mommy's tummy!

So far today, there has been more laundry, cleaning and Grandpa Fredrick took the BOB to REI so they could put it together.  He was super kind to swing it by the hospital to show me all the bells and whistles!! AND it fits in my trunk! Can't wait to take them on their first walk!
Before the Fredricks left, they took a video of all the things they did around the house - it looks great!  Mrs. Fredrick surprised me by putting wreaths on all the outside windows!!  I had commented last year that their house looked so nice with the wreaths and they so kindly put them on ours!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

28 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along?  28 weeks! Third trimester! Huge Milestone!
Total weight gain?  as of last Wed. , 20 lbs - get weighed in tomorrow
Movement?  They have been VERY active!
What I miss?  Still going with fresh air... and I would love to be decorating for Christmas!
Sleep? Much better!  
Best Moment this week?  making 28 weeks! Dr. Cousins took me off the toco (contraction monitor)!  I only have to do it 3x a day now!
Symptoms?  Not much has changed!  still have contractions, though I think they have really slowed down! 
What I look forward to?  Giving thanks, family, and we are doing another FFN test on Friday

Super excited - Justin picked up our cribs and nursery chair!  They are going to put them together this weekend!  Can't wait to see the nursery coming together.
Here is a blurry picture of the chair with the plastic wrap still on
Thought for the day:
                                  "There are 4 things that you cannot recover in life:
                            1. A Stone.......after it's thrown,
                            2. A Word.......after it's said.
                            3. An Occasion....after it's missed, and
                            4. Time.........after it's gone." 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Milestone!

Quick weekend update!

First and foremost.... WE made it to 28 WEEKS!!!!  This is a huge milestone for the babies!!  Justin did a "we made it to 28 weeks dance" this morning!
More bragging on the hubs..  Saturday he woke up and did a lot around the house, came back to the hospital with a new, clean wardrobe, groceries and a well rested self.  We had take out and played cards - well, he creamed me in rummy!  I love him!  Each day I am falling more and more in love with him!  I can't wait to see him be a dad :)
Today Mom and Brooke went to our house and cleared out boxes and presents, making room for the cribs to be set up!  House is looking great, at least from the pictures I see!!

OH: BIG STEP:  Dr. Cousins took me off the 24 hour contraction monitor!! FREEDOM!  I just have to do it three times a day!  I was a little nervous at first, I mean.. it has been like a security blanket for me! 

28 week pregnancy highlight tomorrow!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Growing Babies!

Our babies are getting big!!  Yesterday, after patiently waiting, they came to take me on my "field trip" at 3:30.  They did all their measurements, checked my cervix and tried three times to get good 3d pictures.  On the third try we got a few good pictures of Claire's face and one picture of Max with his hand covering his face.
Claire's foot

 somebody's hand! 

Max and Claire each gained a pound and are measuring 28 weeks. That makes their Mommy and Daddy very happy :)  Not much has changed with my cervix.  All they say is it is very dynamic - which is why Dr. Cousins doesn't have a "feeling" about me...meaning usually she has a feeling when someone will go in labor or if they will be here for a while. But NOT ME. Go figure!  We will just keep taking our days.
No change means I still have shower and bathroom privileges! YAHOO

This is Claire.  If you look in the middle you can see her face.  She has a little squishy nose (justin) and it looks like she has Angelina Jolie lips - not sure where they came from!  Definitely still sporting chubby cheeks!
 This is Max. He's hiding.  His hand is in front of his face.  We did get a quick glimpse and it looks like he has my chin?  We'll see!  It appears he doesn't like his picture taken!
                "Be happy and your children will be, too." 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I have lots of random thoughts and comments today.

*just weighed in for the week and did not gain any weight.... not sure how that happened!
*It looks pretty outside and I wish I could just take a ride and sit out there for a few minutes
*I'm having a contraction
*I really want to take a shower, wash, dry and style my hair, and get dressed in "real" clothes
*Get all my thank you cards done in blink of my eye
*Finish a book
*Give thanks to all my friends and family for all they have done

*Today I am being selfish bc I just want to be at home, sleep in my bed - with my husband, not on a separate couch, do my own laundry, cook my own meals, clean my house (yes, I said it), decorate my babies' room, Christmas shop, decorate our house for Thanksgiving and Christmas,  go on a walk and lots more.
Justin brought me back to reality by saying if two years ago I was told I would have to stay in the hospital for 2 months to have healthy babies, I would gladly do so.  I only want what is best for them.  I think captivity has gotten to me.

*I enjoy when visitors stop by!  Yesterday I had three sets of visitors - complete with laughter, starbucks, goodies from The Fresh Market and Mom's Spaghetti!

Looking forward to our U/S tomorrow!  can't wait to see how much Max and Claire have grown!

OH! how could I forget yesterday and today's thoughts for the day!
Yesterday:  "kiss someone goodnight even if he is already asleep"
Today:  "leave everything a little better than you left it"

Monday, November 15, 2010

Thought for the day

        Happiness is found in the small and simple things that
                          happen in life.   :)
This is so very true!  I am very appreciative for those simple things that make me smile and happy every day :) 

27 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along?  27 weeks
Total Weight Gain?  Find out Wed
Movement?  They are very busy!  I had a mini u/s Friday to track down Max!  He is very active!
What I miss?  Fresh Air!  
Sleep?  Didn't get much this weekend.  Last night I was up a lot and apparently had a lot of contractions so the nurse kept coming in to check on me.  Hoping to get a good nap today!
Best Moment this week?  Keeping the babies in!  Justin coming back from his guy's weekend
Symptoms?  Continued contractions, dilated 1 cm
What I look forward to?  U/S Thursday!  We get to measure the babies! and I'll have my cervix checked again.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Today we had another FFN test and they checked my cervix.  We had good news on the FFN - it came back negative! Apparently, my cervix is funneling? So it didn't necessarily shorten any more, but I am dilated 1cm.  Dr. wasn't happy about that and gave me the first steroid shot (I'll get the other tomorrow)  that way we'll be prepared if they come soon.
I freaked out as usual, but got over it.  We are still hoping and praying they'll stay in til at least 30 weeks.
When the nurse came in with the shot I did all I could to stall! It worked for about 20 min.  I squealed, but it wasn't too bad!  The nurse the other day told me they hurt, but I think the flu shot hurt worse than this!
We'll just keep taking it day by day, week by week!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Words of the day

Mom started sending out thoughts of the day from her book of  8,789 words of wisdom.  They make me smile and are pretty darn good thoughts!
She started Tuesday, so I'll take you back a few days:

Tuesday:  "Tomorrow will become a yesterday"
Wednesday:  "It is a gift to lead a simple life"
Today:  "Remember the day you met your loved one"

I'll never forget the day I met Justin!  Dancing at Greene Street!! Love him!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Just another day

Not much to update.... I do the same thing every day!  Yesterday was very quiet - no visitors.  Today I had quite a few.  My good friend, Brooke, brought me coffee, a robe and a shirt, childhood friend and her mom brought me TCBY and I had a surprise visit from my friend's mom that lives in Florida!!  It was so nice to see everyone.  Racked up on magazines...I'll be busy for a while!

Had a weigh in today.  I gained back the two lbs I lost so I am up to 20 lbs.  Feeling good.  Had a few contractions, but nothing bad.
Mom is bringing a chicken and rice dinner tonight! AND my cousin Elizabeth is in town from work so she'll come by for a little.

With tomorrow being Veterans Day, I'll have lots of visitors!

Looking forward to our checkup appointment on Friday.

FYI: I was not an English major, nor was I ever a good writer... so I am sure there are run-on sentences, commas in the wrong places and many other errors :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Max and Claire's Baby Shower

There are not enough words to describe how special this day was!  One of my best friends planned this shower from Florida, we changed the location three times and it was perfect!  My dr. had suggested we have it in the hospital.  The room was perfect and everything looked great!

After the shower they brought the decorations to my room!

We received so many wonderful gifts!
Mom demonstrating the mamaroo
Blankets galore!
and much, much more!

Love all my family and friends!

My best friend, Ashley that gave me the best shower I could have asked for! and she even planned it all from Florida!  AND stayed with me in the hospital for two nights! Love her!

Afterward, Mom and my aunts had fun wheeling me back to the room!
Thanks Dr. Cousins for letting me have a shower at the hospital!

26 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along?  26 weeks
Total weight gain? not sure... last week I lost 2 lbs, but I will not be weighed again until this Friday
Movements? A lot!  The hospital monitors their heart rates 3x a day, an hour each time, and they have the hardest time tracking down Max!!  He is ALL over the place!  It took one nurse 45 min. to get him to stay on the monitor!
What I miss?  Being able to cuddle with Justin
Sleep?  Ok.  A nurse comes in every 4 hours to check vitals and give me my medicine and I am constantly hooked up to a toco to track contractions
Best Moment this week?  Being surrounded by friends and family.  I miss them already!
Symptoms?  Contractions and shortened cervix
What I look forward to?  This Friday we will do another FFN test and check my cervix.... hoping and praying everything is good!  

Here are some pics of my daily outfits!
support hose

This is when I am hooked up to the toco and both heart rate monitors

And I have to throw another shot out to my wonderful husband.  He continues to amaze me everyday!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quick update!

My bed rest has now been moved to the hospital... which is bummer, but best for the babies.  Friends and Family have been AMAZING.
I had a shower planned today and it has been moved to the hospital!  They are going to wheel me down in my bed!!! How cool!  I'll get a good shower, have the girls dry my hair and wear a dress!
Can't wait to post pictures of the shower!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

25 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along?  25 weeks
Weight Gain?  20 eek lbs!
Maternity Clothes?  More like I'm living in pjs and sweats!
Movements? A lot!  Apparently I'm having contractions too.  I have a hard time deciphering between movement and contractions
Cravings?  Nope - I eat what people bring me!
What I miss?  I could give you a long list now!  #1 would be doing things for myself
Sleep?  It's ok
Best moment this week?  Getting a negative on the FFN test
Symptoms?  Contractions and shortening cervix = BED REST
What I look forward to?  Next check up, my Best Friend and lots of family coming in town for my first shower!

I cannot say thank you enough for all the support and encouraging words we have received the past few days.
AND my Husband is wonderful and taking such good care of us!

don't worry, i was only standing for 10 seconds!

First days on bed rest

Let's just say the past few days have been different.  After finding out that my cervix was shortening, my Dr. had me come back to take a Fetal Fibronection test.  We arrived at the hospital at 6pm and after 3.5 hours of being monitored, mild contractions, negative tests and meds given to stop contractions, we were back home.

Mom had spent all day Friday with me - keeping me company, trying to keep my spirits up and my mind off the dog we loved so dearly, and doing chores.  She made me snacks and talked me into opening the 5 packages that UPS dropped off!
It was like Christmas!  We received baby presents, crib bumpers and flowers!!  Nothing like retail therapy!

Justin has been amazing!  He watches my every move, making sure I am laying down, not sitting to long, serving me, cleaning and even cooking!!!
Breakfast served!
We had some friends over to watch the UGA/Florida game so he cooked his first appetizer! Sausage dip.  I was so proud of him!
Everyone has been so generous.  Our friends brought me a goody bag with cute slippers and a nice blanket!
My friend, Parker, came over earlier that Sat. to keep me company and brought some delicious brownies, made me lunch and brought me a snuggie!

Sunday Mom and Justin worked on the sun room.  This used to be Coltrane's room so it needed MAJOR cleaning.  It was a beautiful day so they set me up a fold out beach chair so I could keep them company!
This is going to be the babies playroom.  Can't wait to decorate!

Today my SIL, Darcy, is coming from Charlotte to keep me company!