Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pool Challenges

Today I (wo)manned up and took Max and Claire to the pool - by myself!  Let's just say it was a total learning experience and we spent more time getting sunscreen on and bags packed than we did at the actual pool!
checking out the kids playing in the pool!
I thought they would be able to walk around on their own... Wrong! Claire went under the minute we got in, then clinged to me the rest of the time.  Max fell a little and barely got his head wet.  He seems to like it more than Claire.  
A lady recommended a certain type of float (we actually have one from last year).  She says it makes it easier for them to move around while walking..... add one two more things to the pool bag!  I am determined to figure out a way to do this on my own (except when Justin or family can go).  I don't want to pay a babysitter fee to get in and the hours of help.  If I'm paying a sitter, I want to be at the pool relaxing!
Ya feel me?!
Feel free to leave any tips you may have!

And totally unrelated.. fun pics from the weekend.  I have so much to catch up on, especially my Aunt's wedding!

fun with the sprinkler!
love going on wagon rides!
haha! can't wait to take them to an amusement park this summer!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Max 16 Months

BUDS! Look at those molars!  It seems a new tooth pops up every week!  and that smile :) Melts my heart.  Although recently he has been a bit whiny and that's not so cute.  He has had a double ear infection and a yucky virus.  He has started throwing a fit if something doesn't go his way or if you take something away from him....
Just like his sister, he loves to dance and move around.  Now that he is full time walker (as of last month) he is fast and ALL over the place.  He still likes to climb.  In fact, this morning I turned for a second and he climbed up on the ottoman and onto a side table! Oh my!
Besides this weekend, they have been sleeping much better.  The past few weeks they slept til at least 6:20 every day! Baby steps ;)  They are still taking (and need) two naps a day.  Last wednesday was their last day of Mother's Morning Out so we are keeping our eyes open to some fun things to do this summer!
He loves to play in his water table so today we went to get a little plastic pool for the yard.  And hopefully the weather will cooperate this week so we can go to the pool.  I can't wait to see how much they love the baby pool.
Buds is a pretty good eater.  He is still pretty picky, especially with veggies.  I still make a broccoli/pear puree and buy the Plum Organics or Happy Tot Veggie pouches.  He loves those!  I'd have to say avocado is his favorite.
He "talks" a lot - but not as much as his sister.  He can say:  ball, Mommy (he usually adds "uh" in front of mommy!), dada, dog, shoes, no keys, bubble, uh oh, yes, hi, bye, and his teachers said it sounded like he was saying "care" for Claire...but I haven't heard it.  He signs: ball, bird, food, more, please, thank you, all done, milk and car.

Some of my favorite things:  He is a great cuddler when he's tired.  When we are in the car I reach my hand back and he holds my hand and puts it on his face - so sweet! And if he happens to wake up before Claire, when she wakes up we run back to their room and he goes to her crib to say hi! Love it when they are sweet to each other ;)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Claire 16 Months

Baby girl isn't so baby any more!  Claire is a mover and a shaker.  She LOVES to dance.  Anytime she hears a beat, she starts dancing!  She has really surprised me the past couple of weeks.  It's amazing what, and how quick they learn new things.  She also loves when we get excited and praise her for the new things she learns.
Claire follows directions really well.  I'll be in the kitchen and ask her to please go get her snack cup out of the playroom and she brings it right back!  Her vocabulary grows every day.  As of right now, I can clearly understand: mommy, daddy, doggie, shoes, ma (for Max), ball, bird, baby, flower, duck, bubble, uh oh, keys, water, hi, bye, all done, fish, yucky! Brit Brit (one of our babysitters) and many words that I understand, but are not clear.... like thank you, snack....*can't believe I left out animal sounds!  She knows moo, ruff, roar, and quack! and I just started signing "I love you" and she has picked up!! That has to be my favorite!  she points one of her fingers and sounds like she says love you!! MELTS my heart!
She signs: please, all done, more, food, bird, ball, fish, baby, milk, flower, water, car, and sometimes she signs thank you.

She is a bottomless pit when it comes to food.  Her new favorite is watermelon.  She likes it in big chunks so she can hold it.
We have been doing a lot of playing outside.  We let them play with the hose this weekend  - they loved it...almost as much as being pulled around in their little red wagon!
She seems so much more independent.  She waves Hi and Bye and says it in the cutest, southern accent! Now when I drop them off at the gym, she just waves and tells my "bye"! no tears!

*also had to come back to add another favorite she does is if she wakes up before Max, I go get her out of her crib and she puts her finger over her mouth and says "shh"! then when we hear him start to wake up, she runs back to his crib, giggles and says "hi".  I die!  Love it!
Size 4 diaper
12-18 mo clothes and a few 18-24 mo

Friday, May 25, 2012

16 Months!

Max and Claire are 16 Months!! (5/22).  We are headed to a day of wedding festivities, so their update will have to wait.
Couldn't resist posting their adorable faces ;)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last day of school

Today was Max and Claire's last day of Mother's Morning Out until September! I almost  teared up when I picked them up! I love their teachers!! AND I'm going to miss my eight hours a week!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What To Expect

Last night I went to see What To Expect When You are Expecting.  It was really cute.  It covered the basics of pregnancy, miscarriage, twins, and complications with birth. It may or may not have given me baby fever ;)

On an unrelated note... I'm not sure if I have mentioned, but a few weeks ago, I signed up for 10 personal training sessions at our gym.  I am six sessions in and love it - but I haven't lost any weight, in fact, I have gained a few pounds.  We have done measurements once since the first session and I have lost 1 inch around waist, 1 around chest and .5in around my arm.  I went in saying I wasn't going by weight, just inches, but I don't get gaining a few pounds.  It is really bothering me.  I am going to try to "write what I bite" this week to see if I am doing something different.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


We had another busy weekend.  I went to a baby shower, cookout and bridal shower brunch.
The cookout was so much fun.  We haven't had a night with these friends in a while and they are pretty awesome!  Sadly, I don't have any pics - BUT I do have some great ones from the brunch today.  It was for my Aunt Ann who is getting married next Friday!
The hostesses did an amazing job.  The food was SO delicious :) I had seconds and wish I had thirds!
The Bride-to-be!
The fabulous Hostesses!
Beautiful flowers from her yard
Speaking of yard.... One of the hostesses has six chickens.  My mom keeps saying we need to get some chickens for Max and Claire - then today a lightbulb went off for her... she is determined to get some for her house! 
Me, Mom, Ann, and cousin Hannah

Looking forward to next weekend's festivities ;)

Friday, May 18, 2012

One For The Money

Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum Novels are my favorite! I am currently reading Explosive Eighteen and still laugh the way I did in One For The Money.
Tonight, Justin and I decided to rent a movie and I was excited when he agreed on One For The Money.  Sadly, I was disappointed.  I'm not sure I would have even liked it if I hadn't already the book.  The acting was poor and i don't think they did a good job portraying the characters.... but I guess that's how it goes.

On another note, Max and Claire seem to be feeling better.  Still a little fussy, but that's to be expected!  We are looking forward to a full night sleep :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Part of the joy with having twins is double the sickness.  Saturday, we took Max to the doctor -he had double ear infection.  He has still been feeling bad and running a low grade temp.  Claire woke up this morning with a 100.6 temp... a little high for the morning.  We decided it was best to make an appt for both to see what was going on.  Turns out Max's ears are still red and he also has Coxackie virus.  It is contagious so Claire will probably have it in a few days.  After checking out the Max Man, Dr checked Claire and she too has a double ear infection. Yay!
It's not easy when they are both sick, because they both want extra attention and both want to be held without the other in my lap.  Hopefully they will feel better quick so we can all enjoy our weekend together!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sweet Peas!

I am so blessed to be a Mom to these two!  They are my everything and all I have ever dreamed of and more!
How could I not have a wonderful Mother's Day when I got to spend it with Max, Claire and my wonderful husband?!
We started the day off with church, then headed to have a picnic at the park!  Max and Claire were more interested in Mommy and Daddy's chips than me!
bahaha! Look at Claire's face! Max must have taken a chip from her!

We ended the day by having dinner with my Mom and Dad.  Justin, Max, Claire and I are so blessed to have such wonderful Moms! (and dads!)
Dad grilled chicken wings and Italian chicken (my favorite).  Max and Claire started getting antsy, so we let them have a chicken leg!
haha!  they were being so silly!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Giddy Up!

First things first.... Mother's day was great, but that post will have to wait til tomorrow!

Saturday we had two birthday parties to go to.  The first one was a Cowboy theme for a 1st birthday!  They went ALL out and it was awesome!  They had a petting zoo!  There was a pony, llama, goats, and bunnies.  The kids were able to ride the pony and feed the goats.  It was so much fun watching them interact.
This is my favorite picture!  Max and Claire had a huge grin the whole time... along with lots of giggles and squeals!
feeding the goats!
Claire and the Birthday Boy!
The goat wanted to taste her bow!
Can you believe this?! I wish Max and Claire's bday was during the warm months!

Unfortunately, both parties were at the same time so we didn't get to stay very long...not to mention we had a rough Friday night. (We were up ALL night with Max.  His temp spiked at 105.6.  We were up giving baths, cool wash cloths, meds and lots of cuddles.  Took him to the doctor at 12:30 Saturday to find out he had a double ear infection.  What is it with my kids, high temps and ear infections?  He was much better by afternoon, but we were still trying to keep things low key.)
We were pretty tired by the time we got to the Pirate 3 year old bday party - hence the lack of pictures.  
I actually went to bed before 10 last night - which means I actually got 8 hours of sleep!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mommies out there!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

A day in the park

The past two days have been perfect weather for the park - 70 and sunny.  Surprisingly it wasn't crowded and the three of us  had a blast!  They really enjoyed being able to walk around, climb, slide and swing.
Swinging with my favorite girl!
Buds loved walking around!
and today he liked to climb!
Bear loved sliding and climbing back up!

Busy weekend ahead.  Two birthday parties tomorrow - at the same time.  One of them is having a petting zoo! So excited to see how they react :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Times are changing!

Table of 12 please! Six adults and six kids three and under!

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New kicks!

Last night I went to a women's event at our local running store.
I left with a really cool pair of new running shoes!! (that were 20%off!)

My running shoe record is not stellar, so I gave them a test run on the treadmill. Pretty sure they are awesome! I'm going to give them one more test run before making my final decision.

I also won a camelback backpack! It seemed to be a high ticket item amongst the group of ladies.... But I'm pretty sure I won't use it?
I can't imagine needing it for a 10k and on good days, I run four miles

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Monday, May 7, 2012

1st Getaway!

Justin and I got back from our first getaway together since the babes were born.  (We did have a weekend at home for New Year's but that doesn't count bc we were working around the house)
We went to Myrtle Beach with three other couples.  We got there Friday around 3pm, spent an hour or two on the beach and headed out for dinner and dancing!
The girls
At the end of the night (as if you couldn't tell!) with our best friends!
We had so much fun Friday night and ended it with a Belgium waffle at 2am!  It's been a while!
It was nice to sleep in (9:15) Saturday morning.... although I am not sure it counts as sleeping in when you go to bed close to 3am?!  It was so sunny and I wasn't going to waste anytime getting to the beach!
We stayed on the beach most of the day.  Took a little break for lunch and back to the beach til 4 when we decided to hit up the outlets!
I love going to the outlets!  I actually racked up this trip. I got three dresses, one swimsuit cover up and two pairs of sunglasses.  The deals on the glasses were unbelievable!  I got a pair of Maui Jim's and Tory Burch for $140!! That's less than the original price of the Maui Jim's!  I'd say that was a deal!

We had a late dinner Saturday and half of us headed in around 11:30.  Being in the sun wears you out!
Sunday we had an early breakfast and hit the road to go see our babies!  We missed them so much!  
Grandma and Grandpa sent a pic from Saturday morning
They had a blast!  Thanks so much for keeping them so Justin and I could have a weekend away!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Erin Condren

I am so excited! I just received my first Erin Condren life planner! I kept hearing all this hype and I have to agree!

I love that you can customize the cover!
What I love even more is that it came with some super cute labels! I can't wait to use them!

There was also another envelope with customized labels!

I'm hoping I can finally stay organized and stop being so scatterbrained!

Off for a weekend away - sans kids! Gonna miss them like crazy,but know this is much needed and they are in great hands!

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