Friday, November 12, 2010


Today we had another FFN test and they checked my cervix.  We had good news on the FFN - it came back negative! Apparently, my cervix is funneling? So it didn't necessarily shorten any more, but I am dilated 1cm.  Dr. wasn't happy about that and gave me the first steroid shot (I'll get the other tomorrow)  that way we'll be prepared if they come soon.
I freaked out as usual, but got over it.  We are still hoping and praying they'll stay in til at least 30 weeks.
When the nurse came in with the shot I did all I could to stall! It worked for about 20 min.  I squealed, but it wasn't too bad!  The nurse the other day told me they hurt, but I think the flu shot hurt worse than this!
We'll just keep taking it day by day, week by week!

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