Thursday, April 28, 2011

Will roll over for cookies!

Apparently all I had to do to get Max and Claire to roll over some more was to bribe them with cookies!

"did she say cookies?"

Now, almost as soon as I lay them on their tummy, they roll over!  and if I don't quit baking, you are going to have to roll me!  I am having so much fun, but I have NO willpower! I made cookies tonight to take to my friends/old coworkers.  I haven't seen some of them in over a year and they are looking forward to meeting Max and Claire. They were very supportive when I first started the struggle with infertility.  

Some randoms:
1.  I switched from Verizon to Boost Mobile.  I did not want to, but it is so much cheaper.  I had to spend $200 to get a new blackberry.  I was to cheap to spend the $10 to transfer my contacts. What can I say?!

2.  Well hell... I forgot the other random things I had to add... good thing they weren't important.

3. Oh - I am in the process of making a photo book on shutterfly of Max and Claire's first three months.  I can't believe how much they have changed!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sometimes it's just easier

to walk.

We were supposed to meet a friend for a walk today, but she canceled and I was glad bc Claire was being fussy.  BUT  I still wanted to get out of the house.  I have been wanting a tall soy vanilla latte from Starbucks for over a week so I decided if the babies were in a good mood after their nap, we'd walk to Starbucks.  They woke up, they ate and we were on our way. 
It would be too much trouble to pack up the car then have to unload both of them in a stroller just for a coffee.  After coffee, we strolled through Earth Fare to pick up some goodies.  I think I'm going to have to make this trip more often!

 they're thrilled to have their picture taken ;)

On another note, Claire has been reminding me of an animal when we burp her or sit her on our lap.  she will sit up super straight and just move her head all around.  When I was visiting with a friend this weekend she saved me from racking my brain and came up with "meerkat"
Spot on!!

haha!! this makes me laugh so hard!  I'm gonna have to get a picture or video!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

Max and Claire had a busy weekend!  Saturday they went to see my Papa (their great grandfather) for his 88th birthday!  Max was so interested in him.  He just gazed and laughed as Papa talked to him :) pure sweetness!

both smiling!

Papa loved visiting with Max and Claire!
Saturday night Max and Claire slept through the night!! WAHOOOOO!  They went down about 8:15 and slept til 5:00!!  We couldn't believe it.  I had gone in around 3:30 to put in a paci and hoped they would go back asleep, and sure enough!  We then had to wake them up at 8:00 to get ready for church.

We did good getting out on time, but still not early enough to sit in big church.  We sat in the small chapel and Max and Claire did great!

cute bunny bib!

little man
Sad I don't have a picture of both of them together in their Easter outfits.  Claire bear was not in the mood for pictures!

When we got home, I went to work on these coconut cupcakes!  They were delicious :)

And I was determined to dye Easter eggs! 

After our afternoon feeding, I took them to visit some old friends.  It was so good to see them :)  Wish we could have stayed longer but the Bear was so tired and not in the best mood.  Wish I had taken pictures!

sleepy girl

 Everyone is finally sound asleep, I've eaten 2.5 cupcakes and this Momma is going to B.E.D!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Claire 3 Months

My bear bear

Sweet Claire.  You are the prettiest thing Mommy and Daddy have ever seen.  We think you already know this!  Your big blue eyes and chubby cheeks are the best!

- You are in size one diapers and wearing 3 month clothes.  You are still pretty petite.
- You are almost eating 5 ounces.  I usually give you the 5 ounce bottle right before bed.
- You are smiling ALL the time now.  In fact, every time you wake up from your nap or at night, you have a huge smile when we come to your crib.  You have me wrapped (and you know it).  All you have to do is flash that smile and I get you out. BUT you don't like to show that smile when I am really trying to get your picture.  
- You rolled over for the first time the other day and I missed it :( but know you will be doing lots more of that soon.

- You are a little Diva.  You are constantly throwing that hand up!! and at times, sleep like that.  You are going to be a handful when you get older - lots of attitude already :)

- You still love your baby einstein play mat.  Your new favorite part of the mat is the Octopus.  You will stare at it for 20 minutes, laugh and pull on it!  You and Max have also been watching a baby einstein video in the morning so I can do some Mommy things.
- You had a great first road trip to the beach and loved hanging out with your grandparents, but not as much as they loved being with you!  You truly bring joy to everyone
- We skype with Grandma and Grandpa Fredrick at least once a week, but it is usually close to bed time and you start to get grumpy.  They can't wait to see you in a few weeks to show you off to their friends!

I love you baby girl!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Max 3 months

My little Man

OMG! You have grown so much!! I know I said this last month, but this time... I mean it!  You are constantly making the funniest and cutest faces.  Beebs (my mom's name for now) will just look at your pictures and lol at your faces! 

You have an old man's hair line right now!  You have thin, very blond hair on top and in the back you have a darker, thicker blond!  You are wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes but your onesies are all 6 month.  You have started to wear "big boy" pjs too!
- You wear a size one diaper
- You have really increased your milk!  We give you 6 ounces each feeding and sometimes a tad bit more at your bedtime feeding. You still get mostly breast milk - one formula bottle at night. I am hoping I can keep that up.
- We have dropped a night feeding! YAY! and I have a feeling you and Claire will be sleeping through the night soon.  You first dropped this feeding on your first beach trip :) and a couple of nights later you slept til 4:15!  (your last bottle was at 7:15 and you went to bed at 8:15)  You haven't done it since, but I know you will again soon.
-You went on your first road trip to the beach.  We had a blast and look forward to our beach trips this summer.
- You are a very happy baby and smile all the time.  We can get you going by sticking out our tongue and sometimes you mimic us :)
- You rolled over!  You have only done it once but are trying so hard to do it again.  
- You still love your play mat and are constantly hitting the rattle and making the songs change - our little dj!  I have been playing a baby einstein video in the morning while I pump and you and Claire seem to love the music and objects that go across the screen.
- I think you are turning into a Mama's boy.  I LOVE it!  You love to snuggle and we think it is so cute when you put your little arm around our neck :)

We can't wait to see what you do in the upcoming months.  I am more in love with you every day and so proud of how you are growing!!

Max and Claire 3 months

I can't believe our babies are three months old today.  Where in the world has time gone?  They change so much every day.  So far today we have had three photo shoots!!  (over 100 pics!)  Now I need to narrow down my favorites :)

We had some serious faces

And some silly faces

Individual post for each baby to come!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Guess who rolled over today??!! Max and Claire!

I love how she is looking at Max and smiling :)

The only thing is I didn't actually "see" them roll over.  Max I kinda saw out of the corner of my eye.  I was getting their clothes ready for the day and I missed Miss Claire Bear bc I had gone to the den to get their play mat.  How could i miss such an important milestone!?/

Today we met two of my high school friends for a walk.  It was lots of fun. I haven't seen either of them in at least 5 years!  One has a baby boy a few weeks younger than M and C and the other has a one year old and a 3 week old!! Lots of babies!!
Before we left for the walk, we played dress up.  Max is growing so fast so I pulled out some of his clothes I still had put away for the summer.  Sure enough, he could wear some of his shorts that are 6-9 mo!! good thing i figured that out now, than two months from now and not be able to wear them.  Claire modeled some hammy downs :)


I put them in their "wombmates" onesies.  Every time I put them in these onesies, one of them will have a blowout and have to change.  I was lucky enough to get a few pictures before the inevitable happened!  

I was exhausted all day today, so when Max woke up early from his nap, I was happy to cuddle with him!

I love being a mom more and more each day!  Max and Claire are the best!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cookie Monster

I am a baking machine this week!! jk. But I am a cookie monster.  I have shoved in a couple of months worth of cookies and cupcakes in the past three days.  I need to lay off the baking :)  Today I made the Rolo Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Justin said "they are quite possibly the best he has had!"  I'm not sure I would take it that far!  They were really good, but I could take or leave the rolo.  I made some for me sans Rolo.
I've also had my share of calcium!  Eating this many sweets means drinking a ton of milk!!

Of course I can't do a post without sharing pics of Max and Claire!

diva hands!

They did so good the first part of today, but man...once 12:45 hit, they were pills.  They both were hungry and were not happy when I had to stop feeding to burp the other - then they both wanted to be held.  That is not easy to do.  Claire cried so hard she had big tears :(  it hurts my heart when she cries like that....but as soon as the bottle was in her mouth, she was happy :)

snuggle bug

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cooking and Baking

After finding some new baking blogs, I have been wanting to bake, bake and bake some more!  In the past, I would not bake much unless it was something I could lighten up to make a "healthier" version.  I am over that!... for now!  I want to try to bake something new every Sunday and Justin can take it to work with him Monday so I don't eat all of it.  Friday I made some delicious chocolate chip cookies and today I made some Lemon cupcakes with a lemon butter cream icing.  This was my first time making them all the way homemade!!  I think they turned out pretty darn good!
not the best picture, but oh so good!  I added some green food coloring! 

Tonight for dinner we made my aunt's salmon.  She made it at the beach and we have been raving about it since!  

Salmon, thin layer of mayo, spices (dill, old bay, lemon pepper, salt), crab mixture from Costco and lemon slices  
I was also going to make rolo chocolate chip cookies but I am exhausted..tomorrow!

It is supposed to be a beautiful week :)  Me and the kiddos will be spending as much time as we can outside!!

Here's to a good week!  

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Our first beach trip

So happy our first trip away from home was a success!  I packed a lot... and used 1/4 of it!

The forecast had said sunny and high 70s, low I packed lots of short sleeves and shorts - very few clothes for cooler weather.

We really only had a day and a half of nice, sunny weather.  This is what it looked like one of the days.  The most fog I have seen!

Needless to say, I wore the same two long sleeve shirts the whole time we were there!  Lucky for me, we had a washing machine!!  M and C mainly wore their white onesies and the same two pairs of pants.  yes, this was fine, but I had packed the cutest warm weather clothes!

The tent was perfect and they took many naps in there and had lots of fun with their grandparents!

cool dude!
Every time I dress them in their "wombmates" shirts, one of them will have a blowout and have to change!
It was a very relaxing trip.  Mom, Dad and my Aunt Kathy helped so much.  I was able to go for a run, shower without being rushed and shop at the outlet mall!

Dad spent most of his time making Max and Claire smile :) sweetness

We had originally planned to come home Tuesday, but Justin had to work late, the weather was supposed to get better and if I waited, my Mom could ride back with us.... so we left Thursday.
Justin was so ready to see his babies!!  They missed him too!

We look forward to our next beach trip in June!