Tuesday, March 31, 2015

School Easter Party

Today was our school's Easter party.  The kids made their Easter baskets this week (recycled milk jugs) and parents brought in eggs to hide!  While the kids had circle time, a few parents went to the courtyard and hid eggs.  The kids were so excited when they came out!

After the hunt, they did an Easter craft and had story time and yummy snacks!

Ms. Debbie and Ms. Leslie 3's class
When they came home from school we went through their loot! I put their special treats in their own bags so there is no fighting over who has what candy!.... and put it out of reach so I control what and when they have it :)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

4 yr well check

Yesterday Max and Claire had their four year old well check (4yr, 2m).  I was pretty nervous going in because they each had to get four shots!  We talked about it ahead of time and I promised frozen yogurt afterward.  I had my mom come a long so they wouldn't have to watch the other get the shots. Claire went first and did great! didn't flinch, say ouch or cry!  Then the buds went and I was a little more nervous, but he did great too!  No tears!  They were so brave!!

They had an eye and ear test, checked blood pressure, and of course, had measurements!

49 lbs  98th %
45 in  off the charts!

40 lbs  80th%
41 3/4 in 82nd %

Healthy and growing kids!!

Fro Yo for being so brave!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

33 Weeks and Maternity Pics

33w from a four year old's view!
How far along?  33 weeks 2d

Weight gain? Ugh... yeah, that.. it's creeping.  didn't weigh this weekend, but around 33 lbs

Cravings? Just a little something sweet after each meal! Still loving pimento cheese and wheat thins!

Symptoms?  Braxton hicks, pelvic pressure and a tad bit of swelling

Movement? A lot, especially after sweet treats!  I love it and will miss it so much!

What I miss? As much as I love being pregnant and feeling her move, I'm over feeling like a cow.  I think it has gotten to me more this time bc a lot of the weight gain has gone to butt, legs and arms.  Terrified it's going to be hard to get off.

What I look forward to? Appointment this week.

Name? Justin kind of teased me and said a name that we had agreed on, then as soon as I told a friend for an upcoming shower, he said, "let's hold off on name a little longer!"  It's killing me!


Our house has been on market for two weeks.  We have had lots of good feedback, but no offers.  I'm being as patient as I can, but really ready for it to be sold and moved into a rental while our house is being built.  Nothing is set up! In fact, I'm not even sure what all I need bc everything is in storage or in the attic! Luckily, this isn't my first pregnancy so I know I what i really need the first few weeks.


Here are a few of my maternity pics!  A friend from high school (Cyndy Gatewood Photography) just started shooting maternity pics.  We got to be her guinea pigs! She supplied the dress I wore and told me what the rest of the fam needed to wear.  She was going for a vintage look. I am really pleased how they turned out.  Don't love how I look, but love the pics she captured of the kids!

My very favorite!

Mama's boy!

My mini me

Thursday, March 19, 2015

The sweetest touch

Yesterday, Claire captured the sweetest pic of Max on my iphone.  I was resting and Max had climbed into his favorite spot with me on the couch. He so desperately wanted to feel the baby move, so just left his hand on my tummy.  A few minutes had gone by and Claire noticed he had fallen asleep -- which is rare!

Claire has been interested in her baby sister ever since she understood that I was pregnant.  Max, on the other hand, has shown no interest.... until yesterday.  Not sure he ever felt anything, but it made my day and I'm so happy Claire caught this sweet picture!

Friday, March 13, 2015

10 Questions

I was recently nominated by one of my favorite bloggers to answer the following 10 questions!

1. What is the hardest thing you have ever experienced?
This is a tough one, but I would say my ectopic pregnancy last year tops the list. Ectopic that ruptured and lost both tubes.  It was an unexpected pregnancy.  Max and Claire were IVF babies and I didn't think we could get pregnant on our own.  I had just gotten back from my best friend's wedding in the Cayman Islands and found out I was pregnant.  I was ecstatic! Went in for my first u/s only to find out it was ectopic. THANKfully,  we had four frozen embryos left and we were able to get pregnant via IVF with #3.

2. What is your dream job and why?
Being a stay at home mom has always been a dream of mine.  It's hard as hell, but what I have always wanted to be!  If I were to work outside of the home, I think I would want to do something in health/wellness.

4.  What's the first thing you notice about people?
I know this is weird, but probably smell!

5.  Do you have any special talents?
This is easy, NO!

6.  Why do you blog?
When I first started, I was basically a wannabe food blogger. I had a good friend that was one and a lot that I followed.  That didn't last long!  I eventually started blogging about my infertility journey, which led to pregnancy and now blogging is basically my baby book for the kiddos!

7.  What is your favorite, healthy snack?
LOVE summertime melons! But only in the summer!  So year round I'd say avocado wrapped in turkey!

8.  What is one thing on your bucket list?
Never really thought about it.  Maybe I should start by making a bucket list? Probably something to do with travel.

9.  What's one goal you hope to accomplish this year?
Finish building our house (that won't start until this summer).

10.  What is your favorite song at the moment?
I've been listening to too much kidz bop lately.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Life Lately

The past few weeks have been crazy.  Snow, more snow, then the stomach bug!  Last week Max and Claire had the stomach bug, Claire at the beginning of the week, Max at the end. - which meant we were contained to the house.  Last week was also their school's consignment sale. I am on the committee which means I have to work a lot of shifts.  Thankfully, mom stepped in to help with the kids so I could still work most of my shifts.  The craziest thing that happened last week -- we put our house on the market.  It went "live" on Friday!

We worked really hard last week doing yard work (on the only day that wasn't cold and rainy), cleaning and decluttering getting ready for the Realtor to take pics.  She came Wednesday, house went on market on Friday.  Our next door neighbors also put their house on the market this week.  Don't think it looks great to have to houses side by side for sale, but ours is in a lot better shape so makes it show better!  We have already had four showings, one Friday, three Sunday!  It has been a chore to keep house spotless, but it is so nice to always have it clean! Much more relaxing!  

Our next step is to find a rental.  We are going to build next house, but that will not start until this summer.  

Sunday, after doing more work to the house, we left for my maternity pictures.  A friend from high school did them.  She was awesome. She was quick and she was fun!  She styled the whole shoot.  She provided my dress then told me what I need for Justin and the kids.  She was going for a vintage look.  I'm dying to see the rest of the pictures.  She posted five on facebook, just enough for a tease!
So here I am, 31 weeks pregnant -- 32 weeks on Friday!  In less than two months we will be meeting our no name, #3!

In other random news, Max slept until 8:00 this morning.  That has never happened!  It was glorious! Time change is kind to our family!

hanging with Mom while Claire was at dance

This girl!

Monday, March 2, 2015

30 weeks!

I'm a few weeks behind, but here I am... 30 WEEKS! Really have a hard time believing that there is only two more months left until we meet #3.  The first trimester, and really, the first 20 weeks dragged and I thought they would never end.
So here I am....

I had a meeting tonight and the responses to my growing belly made me laugh.  Some people didn't even realize I have been pregnant, then the others that knew I was, really commented on how much I had popped!  I have had a growth spurt!

How far along? 30.5 weeks
Weight Gain? 29/30 lbs
Cravings?  Pimento cheese with wheat thins and chocolate chip cookies with milk!
Symptoms? Pelvic pressure and swelling
Sleep? Not too bad
What I miss? besides wine (hello snow and being stuck inside for two weeks), feeling good!
What I look forward to? deciding on a name!

The next two months are going to fly by.  I have a huge desire to start nesting, but we are putting our house on the market... probably this weekend.  As of right now, I am not sure what house will we be in when #3 comes home.  Stressing me out just a bit!

I did have an u/s last week.  Because it was snow day, Max and Claire tagged along. Claire is very interested in her baby sister and her being able to go really meant a lot to her!  #3 definitely looks like she is going to have same nose as her brother and sister!