Wednesday, September 26, 2012

20 Months

Well, it's here.... 20 months have passed, less than four months til they hit the big "2".  You can see by the above picture that they are full of personality.  Actually that is an understatement.... especially for Claire.  She is a mess!  I still want to say she is the easy kid, but that's not so true anymore.  Yes, she can listen, and follows directions most of the time, but man oh man... don't cross her! jk.  She's as happy as can be until you don't give her your keys or Iphone so she can play "Anya" aka Itsy Bitsy Spider.  Girlfriend loses it.  She is obsessed with the iphone.  We were face timing Grandma on her birthday, only you couldn't hear a word anyone said bc Claire was having a meltdown bc "Anya" was on the phone we were face timing with.
I'd like to say they are sleeping better, but that wouldn't be true.  We had a great week last week - sleeping past 6:30, even one day sleeping til 7:15 along with three hour naps....then this week happened.  The past two mornings they have woken up at 5:45 and only took one nap for less than two hours.  This Mommy is tired!
On a positive note, we have been having a great time singing and dancing.  They also love Baby Einstein videos and The Wiggles.  I fall asleep singing those songs!  They go around saying "mo mo please" (movie).  They giggle, dance and try to sing along.  It's the cutest.
Claire is a smart girl.  She has a great memory and her vocabulary is growing every day.  She has started putting together mini sentences.  "I got it" "where'd go" "C'mon Max" "Here, Mommy", "sorry Mommy", and my favorite thing she says is "excuse me".  She says is when she needs to get by, if she bumps into you, or if she burps/toots! makes me laugh every time.
She is still a great eater and is a bottomless pit.  She goes around saying "snack" "snack" "snack"... repeat 100x!
She has started throwing a few tantrums....mainly when getting in the car.  She has decided she wants to sit in Max's seat now and gets mad if she can't.  She has also started going stiff so I can get her in the seat.  It makes me so mad.  I have popped her leg twice this week, bc it lasted over 3-4 minutes.
She also has a love (and strong opinion) for shoes!  She has her favorites and likes to wear them first thing in the morning.  And if she sees socks, she wants to put those on too!  She has however, made up for all that in the mornings and at night.  She loves to cuddle, or sit in my lap when she has her milk.
She loves her Daddy and loves to play with him when he gets home from work.  Recently they have been playing in his truck (parked, with him in it).
Claire's favorites:  dancing, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Wheels on the Bus, eating, jumping, shoes, choo choo, "counting" and her "abc"
-26 lbs
-size 6 shoe
-size 4 diaper
-18-24 month close with a few 2T

Max: AKA "Buds" "The Big Guy"  Max is huge!  at least that's what everyone says!  He is 32 pounds!   Full of Love!  Buds is the sweetest little boy.  When I pick them up at school, his teachers always say how sweet he he was to everyone.  That makes me so happy.  My favorite is when he smiles and says, "hey, Mommy!", sometimes saying it two or three times!  He also gives the best bear hugs, you know, the tight ones around your neck.  They are Justin's favorite :)  His tantrums have not gone away, but have gotten much better!  He just goes with the flow most of the time.
He tends to copy what his sister does and says.  He also loves to dance.  He has a cute dance he does with his hands behind his back and sways side to side!
Max's favorites: "boppy" (paci), music/dancing, The Wiggles and Chuggington, all things trucks! and choo choo, bubble baths
-size 8 shoe
-size 5 diaper, moving closer to a 6
-2T clothes

Monday, September 24, 2012

Bath toys... PSA

The other day I was reading a blog talking about bath toys and how to clean them - mainly talking about the ones that squirt water. I was disgusted when she started talking about the amount of mold in them.
Fast forward to tonight's bath time. As I was lifting my heavy toddler out of the tub and trying to wrangle the rubber frog out of his hand, I happened to see some black stuff fall out. I gagged, immediately knowing what it was, and rewashed him.
After putting them to bed, I went straight to the tub to throw away all toys that can hold water. Disgusting.

I'm not going to lie, there have been a few times when I just threw the toy back in the bucket without squeezing it out, but not bad enough(I thought) to have our toys look like this!
I will no longer buy those toys!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012


If you are friends with me on Facebook or follow me on instagram, you have already seen this.... But I love it so much I have to post again!

We had a crazy, busy weekend. Birthday parties, wedding shower and baby shower - all lots of fun and we are worn out!
Max and Claire also turned 20 months! We took their pics today, but I left my camera at a friend's house, so that post will have to wait.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First Haircuts!

Today was a big day in the Fredrick house!  Max and Claire got their curls cut.  There were no tears from Mommy!  Although, I am a bit sad about Max's lone curl.  He always twirled it when he was sleepy - seriously, the cutest thing ever!
Before Pictures
 Max one curl!
Claire's crazy curls!

Twin love!

Max went first and did great!  He had his sucker and sat still the whole time. I was so proud of him!

bye bye curl!
So grown up! It looks a little crooked, but it's not!
 Claire did not want to wear the "cape" and the sucker didn't help... enter the phone!

My big girl!

 cute little bob!  After baths tonight, I dried it.  It looked so cute!

for the books!

All smiles after our first cut!

I swear they look like big kids now.  That makes me sad!  Happy to say both kids seem to be feeling back to normal!  Today is one of the best days we've had in a while.....except the 5:50 wake up.  They took two naps, and the second one lasted 2.5hrs!! This Mommy was happy!  Then we went to the park to swing and enjoy this beautiful fall like weather!  Back to school tomorrow :)

*for me to remember*
Claire is a shoe diva...I recently got her a cute pair of pink converse - that would be a perfect match to her dress - but she threw a fit when I tried to put them on her.  She kicked and said "off" and went to her closet to pick out a different pair!  She is very opinionated about her shoes.  This is the second or third time she has refused the pink converse :(

Pumpkin muffins

Last night I made some pumpkin muffins that I found on pinterest. They looked delicious! As I set up prep, I decided I needed to make some modifications. Why do I always do this?

I couldn't wait for them to come out of the oven - then I tasted them.... Blah. I'm not sure if it was my substitutions or the recipe. Luckily the kids like them so they are not a total fail.

Pumpkin muffins from Recipe Dutchess
1 1/2 c flour (I used spelt)
1/2 c sugar
2tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt , cinnamon and nutmeg
1/2 c milk (I used almond milk)
1/2 c canned pumpkin
1/2 melted butter (I used 1/4 coconut butter and 1/4 butter)
1 egg
1/2 c raisins (opt)

Mix all ingredients. Do not over mix. Sprinkle 1/4 tsp sugar on each muffin

Bake at 400 degrees for 18-20 minutes

I think I'll stick to the pumpkin pancakes from Saturday morning!

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cheesy quinoa bake

Claire is sick, which means we have two sick babies and I had to back out of girls night.
I wanted to make something for dinner that was filling and yummy - and I did just that!

Quinoa Mac and Cheese with cauliflower and spinach!
I just used the Fredrick cheese sauce recipe that I use for Mac and Cheese and mixed in chopped cauliflower and spinach. All four of us loved it!
in saucepan:
Melt 2 tbs butter, add 2 tbs flour, and one cup milk. When it starts to bubble add cheese
Mix with cooked quinoa and stir in cauliflower and spinach
Bake  350 for about 20minutes.
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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Times two

Would you believe me if I told you Max also has hand,foot and mouth virus?  It's true. Today has been rough on all of us. Not only did max not sleep last night, he didn't all day today either. Poor thing has blisters in his mouth, has no interest in eating and torn to pieces bc it is to painful to suck on his paci :(. After an afternoon of hell, I called our ped - on her cell! Asking for ideas to help the pain. She told us about an old trick to put benadryl in a spray bottle and spray the back of his throat - it would help numb it.

Late afternoon we took them to get frozen yogurt. A friend suggested this as she had done it with her son when he had this. Sure enough, Max was in heaven - something that felt good! And tasted great!  After ice cream we walked to the park - had some smiles but turned into yawns and tears so we headed home.... To find out Claire had a 101.5 temp :( my poor babies :(. Neither would eat dinner, Claire wouldn't even drink her milk. Both went to bed at 6:30 and haven't heard a peep so far... Hopefully the Benadryl and ibuprofen are working miracles and we will all get some much needed sleep!
I'm hoping and praying none of their friends get this. It's a mean virus.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Another double

Poor buds.... He has another double ear infection. One more and we will be talking tubes. He had a 101 temp yesterday and had a rough night. His pattern is usually the same - long cold followed by ear infection. I actually took him last week, only to find out it was just a "cold". I didn't like the doctor we had to see - thankful we got to see our wonderful Dr. Bates today!

Helping me make their morning "momo" smoothie!!

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Thursday, September 13, 2012


It's consignment time in NC!! I am very proud of my recent purchases!

Today I purchased a total of 17 items: 14 articles of clothing, two pairs of shoes and a wooden table with four chairs (that I will paint a different color) all for $105! I should add that half of the clothes were polo!

Two of my favorites!

Claire's deals!


I went to one last week and will go to my last one tomorrow! I love finding these great deals! Tomorrow my focus is on my nieces and shirts!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


.....or lack there of.  I've been awful at staying on task.  Not sure why, but it has been this way for a few months.. and my lack of post/pictures (on our real camera) prove it.

It may be because my two crazy toddlers are keeping me very busy.  I have been struggling with getting rid of their morning nap.  They still wake up nice and early (6-6:30) so I was thinking (and they were showing) they needed a morning nap.  They like their morning nap and usually take a 1.5-2 hour nap. How many times can I say nap?  Then when it comes to their afternoon nap, they take a crappy one, usually only 1hr.  Recently, we have been skipping their morning nap and man oh man they get feisty waiting for their afternoon nap.
This is a picture of applesauce thrown all over the dining room wall - it's also all over the floor.  This happened as a result of one over tired little boy (my fault) throwing a tantrum instead of eating.
You would think that since dropping the morning nap, they would take a great 2.5-3.5 hr one in the afternoon....WRONG.  I am lucky if they sleep for an 1.5.  Does this just take time?  Should I keep the morning nap? (i'm afraid they will want to only nap in morning and never in afternoon).

We have kept our mornings busy by going to The Children's Museum, playing outside and going for runs.

 Claire LOVES her pink sparkly flip flops and will start crying if you try to get her to wear a different pair!  We had a mini tantrum before school the other day.  They aren't allowed to wear open toe shoes, sandals or crocs to school and this girl wanted to wear them!
 Buds wearing Claire's hats, playing with his truck while taking a break from vacuuming!
Pretty little diva!

Claire has also become obsessed with our iphones.  It's very annoying.  She knows how to unlock it (I need to do the passcode) and find her "itsy bitsy spider" app.  She LOVES it and if the phone is in her sight, she wants it.

 Cutest little guy I've ever seen!

Sidewalk chalk is always fun!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dawgs win!

Last night after watching football, I came home, typed a post on my phone and apparently fell asleep - it has since disappeared. Oops. It may have been about these:

Yep! Krispy Kreme! OMG. Hot and now! Worth every calorie!

Thanks to a bulldog win, we had a great weekend!

Two newest UGA fans

Daddy and the Buds!!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Good And Not So Good Eats!

So, it's been a little over a week and a half that I have been trying to eat clean.  Basically meaning cutting out processed food.... no package foods, no white flours, less sugar - instead, eating lean protein, whole grains and lots of fruits and veggies.  The first six days I did great!  Then it came to Saturday night and Sunday.  Since I do my grocery shopping on Sunday, I had gotten low on the fruits I like to snack on, not to mention we went to a friend's house for football.
Being unprepared is probably the biggest mistake.  Makes it more tempting to reach for the unhealthy foods.
And... I did cave and get fro yo last night with a little bit of choc. toppings :) It was worth it!

Another thing I've noticed with making most things from scratch - makes a huge mess.  I probably spent 30 minutes cleaning up from tonight's dinner and attempted dessert! Mess everywhere!

Good Eats:
Lunch: tuna mixed with hummus and greek yogurt on a wasa cracker, sweet potato with cottage cheese, tiny bit of butter, and garlic/, roasted veggie wrap, and black beans with cilantro and greek yogurt in lettuce wraps.

Dinner: whole chicken in crockpot, stir fry with lots of veggies, quinoa patties (quinoa mixed with cottage cheese, spinach and garlic), stuffed portabello mushrooms (leftover quinoa with veggies and cottage cheese)
 stir fry with left over chicken

stuffed portabello mushroom

Tonight I tried a recipe out of Deceptively Delicious.  It was for homemade chicken nuggets.
Basically you mix one egg and a cup of pureed broccoli in one bowl and in the other mix whole wheat bread crumbs (I used panko), a cup of ground flaxseed and a couple of spices.  Dip chicken in egg mixture then in bread crumbs and cook in pan.  This made a huge mess! It was really good though.  Everyone ate it except picky Max!  He had a few bites but was more into the quinoa/spinach mix.  -forgot to take a picture.  

THEN I decided to try one of the desserts. FAIL!  I made the chocolate chip cookies. The secret ingredient was garbanzo beans.  The last cookie I made with garbanzo beans was really good!
Justin was excited I was baking again.... he immediately asked what I put in them and I conveniently left out garbanzo beans and just said applesauce.  He took one bite and said, "it taste like a dirt patty lacking sugar!"  So, for the second batch I added a little honey- nope!  Third batch I added some peanut butter - better for me, but still nothing spectacular.  
 they look normal!
  I'm thinking they will be perfect for Max and Claire.  I rarely let them have sweets like this, so when I do, it's a treat! ...hopefully they will think so!

I'm down two pounds since eating cleaner.  I think it also helps that I am not taking bites of M and C's food/snacks.  I was probably adding on an extra 200 calories with a bite here and a bite there.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First day of school!

Today was the day!  I might have been more excited than Max and Claire!  This week they were easing the kids into the new schedule.  Instead of 9-1, they went 9-11.
I was hoping they would sleep in til at least 7 so we could have a good morning and not worry about morning nap...but that was not the case.  6:19 was when they decided to wake up and 7:45 was when they decided they did NOT want to take a quick nap!
So off to school we went -with no nap.
Got my backpack and ready to GO!
I really wanted to get a good one of them together, but they were ready to go and not wanting a camera in their face.  

Such a big girl!

They went right in and started playing with toys.  Max fussed for a minute, but then found the trucks!
 Sadly, Claire's boyfriend Trevor is in a younger class, but her other buddy Ellis is keeping her company!
Their teachers said they had a great time!  They have a picnic tomorrow (for the whole school) and won't go back until Friday.  Next week they will start their 9-1 Tues/Fri schedule!! This Mommy is ready!

They were exhausted when we got home.  We had an early lunch and I put them down for naps at 12:30.  Claire woke up crying around 1:15 and would not settle down.  I went to check on her and ended up taking her out of the room so Max could sleep.  She was so upset, and I still don't know why. Max woke up shortly after, so it made for a long, whiny day! 

Some unrelated housekeeping....
This past weekend we had a family sleepover at our friend's house.  It was a day of football.  We watched the UGA game at home then headed over to their house for the night games.  Another family stayed too - one big sleepover!  (We stayed so the Moms wouldn't have to go home early and no one had to worry about drinking and driving)
There were actually 8 kids! (4 and under!)

And here is a video of Claire's new dance moves! Please excuse her Flock of Seagulls hair do!

Hopefully tomorrow I can post about my "real" food eating and some new recipes I have come up with!