Monday, January 30, 2012

New lunch!

Thanks to Kristen at Change of Pace, I have a new favorite lunch!!

The other day she posted about a new wrap she made up. One word: delish!

her photo looks much tastier!
It is so simple! Tortilla spread with hummus and sprinkled with a little bit of 2% cheese, roll into a burrito and cook on stove! Easy enough?!

And even better when served on a left over birthday plate ;)

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Early Risers

Yeah... so I'm not sure what the deal is but we were up at 5:30 Saturday and Sunday morning. WTH!  Ok, not all of us, just Max and Claire.  Is 6:30am too much to ask for?  We have made them CIO until 6, but it is so painful for me to hear them in the next room crying.  It's not like I can sleep when I hear them.  We were able to get them back down a little after 7 for a quick nap before church.
This weekend was pretty calm.  Justin and I had a date night on Friday and Saturday we just did things around the house.  Saturday was pretty nice so we went for a family run and he washed our cars and I wrote Thank you notes outside while Max and Claire played.
 We brought out the play yard 

We played in the play room.  Claire has become quite the dare devil!

We also broke out the crayons and color pad they got for their birthday... not sure we are quite ready for crayons!

They weren't sure what to think.  We had a couple scribbles on the paper tray and the rest of the time I spent getting crayon out of their mouth!

Claire's starting to take more steps on her own and Max Man is now loving the walker!
Sure do love my babies!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Max 12 Months

My sweet Buds!  You are 12 months... .that means you are ONE!  You have changed so much since the day we brought you home.  When you were born, you had dark blonde hair and your complexion was darker.  We were looking at your monthly pictures and you barely look like the same baby!  You are so blonde and have fair skin.  You are still my little snuggle bug.  You love to cuddle with Mommy or Daddy. My favorite is when we are doing your bedtime routine, you lay your head on my shoulder and put your arm around my neck.  Melts my heart every.single.time! You love your grandparents so much.  You light up when you see them (all four).  You have the sweetest little voice and have started babbling all the time.  Recently you have said "mama" and "dada" - "mama" being first, of course!  I'm pretty sure you said and do say "dog".
You have the sweetest smile and overall sweetest personality.  You love to dance.  In fact, the other day you were dancing to the noise of the vacuum cleaner! ha! You still love to play peek a boo.  You just started using your walker and get frustrated when you get to a "road block".  You do not have good balance yet, or a desire to walk on your own... and I am OK with that!  Two of you walking scares me!  You love to play with balls (that sounds weird!), you know how to work your elephant toy, you like to figure things out.  A lot of times I find you messing with the knobs of drawers, or buttons on your clothes.  Very curious little man!
You clap, do "so BIG", wave and blow kisses.
You are still sensitive.  If we use a stern voice to redirect you, or if you barely bump your head, you have tears.  You love bath time!  You and Claire splash the entire time!  I am looking forward to taking you to the pool this summer!  You are a decent sleeper.  Bedtime is anywhere b/t 7 and 7:30 and you usually wake up anywhere b/t 5:45 and 6:30.  I'm hoping once we get back on schedule you will give me an extra 30 minutes. The 5:45 am makes for a long day!  You love going to Mother's Morning out.  You have wonderful teachers that adore you and Claire.
You are a good eater.  Although some textures are starting to turn you off.  For ex.  you will eat any baby food, but you will spit out a whole pea and usually mash them with your fingers.  Your pincer grasp is the cutest.  You pick up one piece of food at a time and don't put another bite in until you have completely chewed the previous bite!  I love watching you eat, it's the cutest!  You love breakfast: blueberry pancake, yogurt, and a banana.  You also like avocado, fish sticks, pears, peaches and cheese bread.
You love your bottle and it makes me sad to be making the transition to sippy cups.  You have done well with the transition to whole milk.

You had your first plane ride on your birthday.  We flew to NJ for your great grandmother's funeral.  Besides a little fussiness, you did great!... especially since you were not feeling well.

12 month stats:
weight:  23 lbs (75th %)
height:  31 inches (85th %)
size 4 diaper
size 4.5wide shoe
6 teeth
most clothes are 12-18 months

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Claire 12 months

My sweet, sweet girl!  You are 12 months... ONE year old!!  Can not even believe a year has passed.  You have grown into the sweetest little girl.  You are FULL of personality and a ball of energy.  You are constantly on the move.  Recently you took 10 steps.  You haven't done that many since, but take 3 or 4 every now and then.  You can stand for what seems like forever.    You love to push your walker around the house.  You LOVE to dance!  You have the cutest moves.  Sometimes you do a hip thrust (OMG! where did you learn that!), sometimes you bend your knees and move side to side, sometimes you put your hands together and move them around, sometimes you head bang (again, where did you learn this?!) and sometimes you just sway back and forth!  You love to clap.  As soon as the words "are you happy and you know it" leave my mouth, you start to clap!  You babble and "talk" all the time.  I wish I knew what you were saying!  I think you say "mama" and "daddy" appropriately and I think you have said "baby".
You giggle a lot!  My favorite is when I put you and Max in the same crib.  Y'all play together so nicely and laugh and laugh at each other.  You are very ticklish!  You blow a lot of kisses and love to kiss your baby doll.  I think she gets more kisses than me!  You wave, usually with both hands and backward.  You also point at everything.  Sometimes with your point you make a hmmm hmmm sound to get our attention.
You are an excellent eater.  You eat everything that is on your tray and if you see us eating, you point your finger letting us know you want some!  Your favorites are avocado, fish sticks, blueberry pancakes, bananas, and cheese sandwich.  I just started dropping your 3:30 bottle.  Tonight was your first time trying whole milk. I only gave you a little to try with your dinner.  I had been waiting until your one year well baby appointment to talk to Dr. Bates about switching.  I also asked her about milk alternatives.  She recommended organic whole milk.  She said sometimes even the soy and other alternatives can have added hormones in there too.  Interesting.  I'm not sure if you didn' t like the milk, or you didn't like the sippy cup it was in.  We will try again tomorrow with the milk in your bottle.

You went on your first plane ride on your birthday.  We flew to NJ for your great grandmother's funeral.  All in all you did pretty well.  The ride up you did not sit still, the way back you slept most of it...... probably bc we had to get up at 4:30 to get you ready!

weight: 19 lbs 7 oz (50th %)
height:  29.5 inches (75th%)

size 3 diaper
6-12 month clothes
size 3 shoe
4 teeth
I was a little surprised you were in the 75th% in height!  I guess I always thought you were so petite bc you were next to Max!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To my babies

Dear Max and Claire,
Mommy and daddy can't believe you are already a year old! It seems like just yesterday we were praying we could get pregnant. Y'all made us wait, and boy was it worth the wait! It seems like yesterday I was carrying you in my stomach. I loved every minute of being pregnant - even while on bed rest for 10 weeks!
Mommy had a few false alarms, the last being January 21,2011. I had gotten my nails done and gone to Target. My stomach started feeling tight so I hurried home to rest, only to continue having contractions. I called Brooke and she said to call Dr. Cousins. So I called and Brooke came to pick me up to take me to get checked. Turns out I was only 4 cm but Dr. Cousins said she wouldn't be surprised if she saw me again soon!

Sure enough she was right! I didn't sleep well Friday night. Daddy and I woke up around 5:30 and daddy decided to go to the gym. After he left I noticed stronger contractions that were getting closer together. I had a feeling today was the day! I took a shower and called daddy to tell him I was getting ready to page the doctor. He came home and we put together a few last minute things.

We checked In the hospital around 8 am, got hooked on monitors and waited for dr. Cousins. She came and checked me - I was still 4 cm. the contractions were starting to get painful but Dr. Cousins said she was not going to start the csection until I was 5 cm (I was 36w 6d). She said I could go walk around and come back In a little.
I told daddy I was NOT leaving the hospital without babies! Daddy said I complained enough that Dr. Cousins sent me to have an u/s. I remember crying bc the contractions were getting stronger and I was so uncomfortable. After the u/s she checked my cervix one more time, and sure enough, I was 5 cm. everything went so quick after that. Daddy and I signed paperwork with the anesthesiologist and at 11:45 they wheeled me up to the OR to get ready. I was so nervous. They make you go in alone until after you get the epidural.
I asked daddy and a nurse to talk to me the whole time bc I didn't want to hear anything that was going on! Then at 12:48 I heard the best sound ever, Claire crying - quickly followed by Max! I had instant years of joy! Everything I had always dreamed of (and more) was right in front of me! My life became complete the day y'all were born. I love you guys more than you'll ever know. Everyday I spend with you is a blessing and I will never take it for granted. The two of you bring so much happiness to our lives and I couldn't imagine it without you!

I have loved every second, minute, day, hour, week and month of 2011. Mommy and daddy are amazed at what the two of you can do and look forward to watching you grow!

Happy birthday!!

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to my two favorite people!

Birthday success!

Today was perfect!  Max and Claire had an awesome first birthday.  They are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends ;)  Our house was packed!
Max and Claire loved their cake!  Max was unsure at first, but then got the hang of it.  Claire was all in from the beginning.  I made the novice mistake of having black icing on the cake..... she was covered!  Luckily most of it came off!  So thankful I took their shirts off :)
Here are a few pics.. I'm exhausted, have to pack for NJ and did I mention exhausted?!  Full recap when we get back from NJ.

and a little teaser from the cake smash....

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Need travel advice!

Sadly Justin's grandmother passed away this morning. She was 90 years young!! She was quite a lady and I'm so thankful to have met her and that Max and Claire got the chance to meet her!

We will be flying to New Jersey this Sunday (their 1st bday) and I'm nervous about the plane ride.
I know a few of you have traveled recently and I could use your advice! Luckily we can borrow two pnp when we get there. We are taking our car seats and renting a van when we get there.
What all can I take on the plane? Would I be able to take squeeze pouches for them to eat? They will still be on formula until their one year well baby and I guess I can't make bottles until we go through the gates?

Any help/advice is appreciated!

Doesn't he look huge next to her?!

Attacking daddy when he got home from work!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fun in the rain

Oh, rain! Today the rain cramped my style, but didn't stop us from doing what we needed to do. Justin called this morning to see if we wanted to meet him at the park for a run. Today's weather was supposed to be 63, cloudy with rain later in the afternoon so we thought a little fresh Air would be good for all of us! (max woke up at 5:30 again this morning - Wth?!) so we get to the park and it is super windy and looks like rain - we decide to run the parking lot so we could be close to the car if it started to rain. Sure enough 1.3 miles in, we start feeling drops so we turn around. It only ended up sprinkling for a minute or so, but we sprinted back just in case!
Since we were already out I decided to go to Target and Michael's to get some bday supplies. The rain seemed to be gone and I checked the weather on my phone - we were good to go....or so I thought! We made it through Target, but on the way back from Michael's it started to rain. This wouldn't be a problem except Max and Claire were in the Target shopping cart and had no barrier from the rain. (I parked in the middle Of the lot so I could be quick updating and loading.

So my solution was to throw my jacket over Max's head (Claire had a hood on her jacket) and book it across the parking lot!

Max thought it was more fun to ride standing up!!
We survived the rain with only a few drops getting on them!

I have also been wanting to paint our very outdated chandelier before their party this weekend. Well, to be able to paint outside, the temp has to be a minimum of 50. Today is the only day this week that would work to paint. Luckily, the rain held off!

This is just with the primer. It looks so much better in person.

I guess I should get some sleep since the babes have been waking up So early

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Not 2, 3, or 4....

....but 5 miles!!  I think I've said in a previous post that Justin gave me a running envelope for Christmas. (He did not do this bc he thinks I need to run)  This is supposed to be fun and keep me motivated.  If I run a minimum of five days, two or more miles, I get $10 in the envelope.  So far I've earned $30!  I actually had to get him to raise the ante a little!  I can (and do) run more than two miles.  When he set that minimum, there were days that's all I would do, because that's all I had to do.  Get my drift?!  So... he said if I run 20 miles a week, I can earn $15! Now were talking!! ha!

..... anyways~today I took the kiddos to the gym just planning on running my measly two miles.  But then I saw a friend and her husband.  The gym was packed and the only treadmill available was next to her husband. I am the type that if I am running next to someone I know, or someone just running fast and far... I feel I have to do the same.  He said he was running for 40 min so I decided I'd shoot for 4 miles or 40 minutes too.  Well by the time I hit 40 minutes, I was at 4.25 miles - what's .75 more??
So, 5 down, 15 to go!! That is totally doable!!

I really enjoyed that run.  Now I just need to find that kind of motivation every day :)


So I think it's safe to say Max's first word is mama! He started really saying it this weekend and this morning when he decided to get up at 5AM! He was whining "mama". It made it a little easier to be up so early when I heard that coming out of his mouth!!

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Splishing and a Splashing!

Max and Claire LOVE bath time!!

Today I took their 12 month photos.  I took them a week early so I could add "12" to their birthday banner.  I'm not going to lie, it made me sad to be doing these pictures.  Even though we have had rough weeks days, we are truly blessed and I have loved every second with our babies.  I want to bottle them up.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

One more week

My babies will only be babies for one more week :( I can't believe they have their first birthday party next Saturday.  Last night I did a practice round on the cupcakes I'm going to make and today I went to the bakery to order their smash cakes.  I can't wait to see what they do with their cakes.  My prediction is Claire will really dig into it, making a mess and Max will pick at it with his pincer grasp!

I've been a blog slacker the past week or so, but it's only bc I've been busy making their books on Shutterfly.  Since they were born, I do a book every three I have newborn-3 months, 4-6 months, 7-9 months, and I am currently working on the 10-12.  I want to have them displayed at their party so that means I have to take their 12 mo picture early... not sure if I am ready to seem them in their 12 month pictures!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday

I was weeding through my cell phone pictures today and found some blog worthy photos!
Sibling love!!

This is what happens when I take my eye off for a second

Bahahaha!!  Doesn't even look like Claire! haha

New Year's Eve

*update on our walker~Today Claire took 12 steps!!! 

Almost there!

The Bear has  no fear!  This morning while playing with Max, she pushed herself up to a standing position and stood for 12 seconds, then carefully sat down on her bottom!  I started clapping and telling her how proud I was.  So for the rest of the day she has been standing, then looking for me to cheer her on! Although it's not the best, I caught her first step on video!
I can find it on you tube, but when I search through blogger, I can't? This happens every time I try to upload something...what am I doing wrong?!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Twins meeting Twins!

This weekend my brother and his family came in town.  Max and Claire got to meet their twin cousins Brooke and Landyn! I can't believe Max and Claire were once that little.  I just know they will be best friends one day!

  Today we dressed the girls up in tutus and hair bows for some pictures!!
Claire, Landyn and Brooke
Claire and Max checking out their new cousins!
Mommies and their babies!
I love that Kasey and I are both in purple and the guys in blue - and it wasn't planned!!

It was pretty chaotic with all the kids (plus Kasey's three year old!).  Our beach trip this summer will be interesting!!

Seeing these pics motivated me to learn how to use our camera.  I've had it for a year now and don't know how to do anything special with it.  Time to learn!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Who knew an Ipad could be so much fun?!  Mom and Dad got one for Christmas and found this fun app you can take pics with.  I'm sure this is nothing new, but we laughed nonstop at our pictures.  Here are a few of our favorite:

Aren't these a scream?  I'm still laughing ;)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A little bit of randomness and a few things for me to remember.

I've been contemplating when to start using a sippy cup instead of a bottle.  Yesterday  I decided to try it for their 3:30 feeding and it went pretty well.
Although Max still threw a fit when it was empty.

Today we dressed up in our adorable outfits from Great Aunt Catherine.  Unfortunately they wouldn't sit still so this all I have

I turned around for a second and they had gotten into the diaper bag.
I promise I'm behaving!

Claire still has an awful diaper rash so after her bath we let her run around in her birthday suit!

*she has also started pointing at things she wants!