Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cute little nose!

This morning I got to see our little #3!  Her little nose is so cute and looks very similar to Max and Claire's did on ultrasound!

Speaking of Max and Claire... they got to go to the u/s with me this morning.  Sadly, the stomach bug hit our house.  Max was sick last night and Claire had a fever.  U/S was at 8:30 this morning so Justin was already at work and I didn't want to ask mom to come over that early, or infect her with our germs.  Luckily, both kids felt much better this morning and behaved so nicely while at the doctor!  It was really cool that they were able to see their sister moving all around!!
That may have been my last ultrasound :(  I was secretly hoping she wouldn't move the way they wanted her to so I could come back for another u/s! no such luck! BUT glad everything is looking good!

Sunday, December 21, 2014


How far along? 20 weeks!
Weight Gain: ugh.. 16 lbs
Cravings: Not much... just enjoying eating all this wonderful holiday food (see above!)
Symptoms: Feeling good! Just have to pee a lot!
What I miss: Wine :) and big cardio workouts
What I look forward to: I have an u/s Tuesday.  Also, really looking forward to feeling her move!

I'm definitely showing!  I feel like I am growing EVERYWHERE! 

This weekend, the four of us built a gingerbread house.  The kids really enjoyed it!  Max's favorite part was the candy.

Kids also enjoyed having hot chocolate!  
Claire left the table about 10 minutes into the decorating. She went to lay down and ended up sleeping for almost two hours.  She has been complaining about her tummy hurting and not feeling well.  I really hope she is not getting the stomach bug.  Both of our stomachs were hurting today, and again, she took a nap (3hrs) and didn't eat much.
Really hoping for a healthy Christmas!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Kindness Matters

Last weekend when I was shopping with my Mother in Law, we came across a sign that said, "Kindness Matters".  We talk about being kind almost daily with the kids and always point out when others are being kind and what kind behavior is.  It matters.  But lately, or who I am I kidding, the past couple of months, Max hasn't always been kind.  Sometimes I'm torn if he is being a typical three year old boy, or being mean.

Justin and I usually talk about how sweet our little buddy is, but all it takes is five minutes on the playground for that to change.  The last thing I want is for my kid to be labeled a bully.  Typically I think of a bully as a big guy going around punching other kids and calling names.  But what is a three year old bully?  Max is by far the biggest of his peers.  I have seen him walk by a peer/friend and just push them.  I have also seen him being provoked and pushing back out of defense.  Whatever the case may be, I try to handle the situation the best I know how.  Sometimes he gets a warning, other times, he is immediately taken out of the situation and put in time out, or in car to go home.
The other day we had about six of their friends over for a play date.  He was definitely NOT having a good behavior day.  He was put in timeout two times and the last time I took him to his room and he was not allowed out until his friends left (about 10 minutes).  It made me embarrassed and sad.
Last night I had trouble sleeping bc i kept thinking about my sweet boy that hasn't been so sweet.

We had Gary the Elf, bring them chore/behavior charts one morning.  It hasn't helped but I think I need to change his goals to be more obtainable? IDK.  I don't know what else to do besides talk to him about being kind to all his friends, talk about feelings, and punish when the bad behavior happens.  UGH. This parenting thing is hard!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

19 weeks

I've been slacking with the weekly updates of #3.... i blame that mostly on I don't like my pregnant look this time around! Last time I seemed to be mostly belly, this time i'm getting larger everywhere!

Dec. 10, 2010, four years ago, was when I was able to come home from hospital bed rest!  It's crazy to think I was on bed rest for 10 weeks, six in the hospital!

18w 5d

I just look fat.  It def. shows more when I wear maternity pants.  These are just my regular Hue leggings.... pretty much my uniform.

How far along: 18w 5d
Weight gain: 14 lbs
Symptoms: I've noticed some varicose veins on my thigh :(
Best moment this week: Gender Reveal! It's a girl!!
Looking forward to: next u/s the week of Christmas!
What I miss: workout classes.  I've been walking about 3 days a week and I'm bored.  Honestly, I've been going to the gym for quiet time and to read!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Gender Reveal

Friday morning was my 18 week ultrasound.  I shocked myself by not finding out during the ultrasound what the sex was.  Baby was facing my back so I will have to go back in a few weeks for another u/s so they can do measurements on the face and heart.  The doctor did say it has long legs!
I had the nurse put the gender in an envelope and I took it straight to our friend, Melisa's house.

Boy or girl?!

Saturday night was our reveal. It was so awesome and really makes things real now!

The hostess had everyone come outside.  Once everyone was outside, Justin and I joined.  They had us, along with Max and Claire, plug in some lights after a countdown.  We are excited to announce we are having another GIRL!!!   I was so in shock!  I'm not really sure why, but the suspense leading up to that moment made the reveal that much better!!

This is a blurry cell phone pic, but it is the host showing Max and Claire where to plug in lights!

Tickled Pink!
Max's expression is priceless!! "oh no! another girl!"

Some of my Best Friends!
so happy!
So.... another girl! Boys are outnumbered!!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Story time with Mrs. Claus

Yesterday, some of our playgroup met at Barnes and Nobles for story time with Mrs. Claus.  It was perfect for our kiddos....they were the only kids! They did a great job listening to the story and singing carols after!

Here are two pictures from when we went last year!  (2013)

This year

So lucky to have such wonderful friends!  Mrs. Claus will be here the next few Wednesdays so we may just have to come back!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas pics take 1!

Yesterday, with the help of my Mom, we attempted to take Christmas pictures.  I had planned on doing them while we were in Charlotte for Thanksgiving, but forgot Max's green vest.  
We had a good talk going into the picture taking about how if they were good, it would be done quick and they could have a special treat and we would go to the park.... well... they didn't remember our talk.  I wasn't thinking about what time of day it was.  2:00. lots of sun and shadows and around what would have been a nap time.  All important factors.  Here are a few of my favorites that we will not be using for Christmas card.

Great pic, but has shadows


LOVE this one of the Buds!

He had no idea I was taking his pictures!

Silly guy!
Beautiful girl!  This was after Max pushed her for no reason and she fell and scraped her hands.  That was the end of picture taking!

Then this guy started crying.  
I think next year I will pay the money to have a photographer take our pics :)