Monday, December 19, 2016

Oh, it's December!

Well November came and went pretty quick and now it's almost the end of December...end of 2016!  I'm telling ya... the days are so long but the years are so short!  We have been busy with school, trips back to Greensboro, Christmas parties, birthday parties and getting ready for Christmas!

Max and Claire are doing good in Kindergarten. They really like their school, friends and teachers. Claire is doing a great job learning her site words and learning to read.  Max is doing good with words, but prefers, and enjoys, math.  Claire has only come home with homework once.  Max gets a folder at the beginning of each week to work on at home.  It's usually math and he finishes it on Monday.  We practice our site words every night and read a book(s) and BOB books.

Kate is just as funny as ever.  She has quite the personality.  Her newest thing is having a tantrum about food....usually because a cereal bar comes out of it's wrapper or breaks :) or if I say "no" to having something she wants.  She usually cries for a minute or two then gets over it.  She can give a look and I have no idea where she learned that from ;)

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house.

Max, Claire and Kate went for a ride on the "Polar Express" and had a visit with Santa!

Our punky! Not quite sure about Santa! haha
Gary, our elf, came back!

 Went to a Christmas tree farm with Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt Darcy

Max and Claire went to their first roller skating party! I even took a few spins around the rink!

 Claire had her first birthday party slumber party! (with my nieces!) and had so much fun!

My best friend found out she was having a boy!

I love how her parents dressed for the party! (I've known them for 34 years!)
This was our Christmas card! Love them so much!
Can't believe it is almost 2017! I just know it's going to be a great year!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Kate ~ 18 Months

One and a Half. What the what?!! Our precious punker punker punker punk is growing up so fast.  She is so fun to be around and has the cutest personality.  She pretty much just goes with the flow.  She adores Max and Claire.  She likes to cuddle with Max and follow Claire around.
Her cheese face is awesome.  We ask her to say it 38284 times a day :)  Another favorite is how sweet she sounds saying "bye".  It is so cute and she throws up a wave with it.  I could seriously just stare at her all day.

She loves to dance, sing, and play at the big kids' art table.  She only likes pens - will throw a crayon if you give her one.... smh!  Bath time is also a favorite and play time with the fam before bed is always fun.  We always read 3-4 books before bed.  She loves books and definitely has her favorites that we re-read each night.

She stopped nursing completely somewhere mid 17 months.  She was only doing at night - and I cherish (miss) our time.
She eats like a champ.  Her MMO teachers have asked me to start bringing her more food.  She goes straight to the pantry when she wakes up.  Bars, pouches, eggs and recently started liking cereal for breakfast.  Lunch - yogurt, string cheese, bananas, blueberries, left overs, turkey and She eats what we have for dinner - pasta being a favorite!  She still doesn't like any type of milk.

Going through cabinets (especially ones she shouldn't be in) are her favorite!

Sleep - She is a pretty good sleeper.  We had a rough few weeks where she was waking 5-5:45 in the morning.  Hoping she is back to her 6:30/6:45.  If she wakes up before 6:30 she has a morning nap, if not, it's just one afternoon nap for about 2.5 hrs and goes to bed by 7:30.

20.9 lbs 21%
30.25 in 8%
size 4 shoe
most clothes are 12 mo.

Monday, November 14, 2016


I figure I need to post about Halloween before it's Christmas! Not to mention... I think our computer is about to die :(

October flew by! We went to a pumpkin patch that had a corn maze, swings and lots of activities for kids, we had fun carving pumpkins and had even more fun trick or treating in our new neighborhood!

Kate started saying "cheese" for pictures! Seriously with this face :) LOVE

Daddy did a great job carving!

The kids got messy!

Finished pumpkins withs sweet neighbor

Doughnut, Cookie and something from Halo are ready to hit the streets!
My favorite cookie isn't so sure about her costume!

Those eyes :)

Fredrick Five!

Counting their treats!
Hoping to post an update about Kindergarten and Kate's 18 month appointment!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

What's up?!

Hi! It's been a while! Things are busy in the Fredrick house with two kindergartners and chasing our little 17 month old around.

Kindergarten is going well.  Their school has an app called Class Dojo.  It's an app that I can log into during the day and see how they are doing (as long as the teacher updates :) )  They have both made friends and see each other on the playground.  Claire has had a play date with a little girl named, Heart! She had the best time and I enjoyed meeting her mom.

 Max and Claire are riding the bus and loving it!  They have to leave the house a lot earlier than if I drove, but it helps if Kate is napping to just walking them down a few houses.

I am very proud of them ~ so far they are rocking Kindergarten!

Punky is as busy as ever.  She doesn't ever sit still.  Her new obsession is with pens.  I need to figure out a better storage system for the big kids' art supplies.  Kate can easily access these pens and knows how to take tops off and draw with them.... this includes drawing on her skin and her clothes/shoes!  She is also busy emptying the pantry and cabinets! I choose to lose this battle bc I can usually cook dinner while she does this! Oh this girl!

We have also been going to story time at our local library.  She is loving that and I love doing something with just her.

Last weekend we went to a pumpkin patch with our neighbors.  It was hot, and a lot of fun!  I haven't uploaded the pics from my nice camera, so here are a few from the phone.

The next day we took advantage of the nice weather and painted outside.  It was Kate's first time and she loved it!

My little artists!

We are headed to Winston Salem tomorrow to finish up Kate's baby plan picture package and our family pictures -- They are supposed to be fall pics/possible Christmas card pic and it's going to be 85 degrees!! It is going to be a HOT session with fall clothes on!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Firsts for Kate!

I tried doing a post on just Kate walking, but the video never appeared.  She started walking on her first day of Mother's Morning Out -- Sept. 12.  She was so proud of herself and we were too!  I love seeing her walk around downstairs.  She still loves to push her stroller/walker and picks every random thing up she finds to put in there. It just makes us LOL every time!  She also spends most of her time trying to get in the pantry and getting her favorite snacks.
the random things she puts in her stroller!

First Day of Mother's Morning Out!
St. Andrew's

She has also started saying "Mommy".  I've been waiting a long time to hear that.  She has been saying "daddy" for a long time! Even though most of the time she is calling me, it's crying or whining, I still love hearing it.  I'm in denial that my last baby is growing up.  We have been having fun just the two of us while the bigs are at Kindergarten.  Her great naps are disappearing and she has been waking up b/t 4:30-5:15 most mornings.  I think she is just so excited about all the new things she is doing :)