Sunday, July 2, 2017

Grandpa's surprise party!

For the Memorial Day weekend we went to the beach.  We had a surprise party for Grandpa's 70th birthday and to celebrate his retirement!  My sister and mother in law planned a perfect weekend with family, friends and lots of fun.
As an added bonus, some of our best friends had rented a house down the street!

 My sister in law had these super fun cups made for the weekend!
"Life's a beach, Shell we dance"

There are a lot more great pictures, but all on my phone and still cannot get the icloud to sync.  Ugh.

Fun in the ocean with our buddies!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Kindergarten graduates!

A little late (as usual) posting, but Max and Claire graduated kindergarten on June 9th.  They had a wonderful first year of elementary school.  Both kids loved their teachers and learned so much!

My handsome Buds!

Beautiful Bear Bear

They have both made some special friendships at White Oak.  Since we moved, they will be going to a new Elementary school.  Our neighborhood is zoned for a year round school.  I am not a fan of that schedule and tried to get them into a traditional calendar.  I was denied. :(  They will be starting 1st grade July 10th. (If the data manager ever calls me back to get them registered). Wake county is a nightmare enrolling into school.
Since being out of school, they have been writing in their journals, doing workbook pages and reading to keep on track.  So very proud of them!