Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Firsts for Kate!

I tried doing a post on just Kate walking, but the video never appeared.  She started walking on her first day of Mother's Morning Out -- Sept. 12.  She was so proud of herself and we were too!  I love seeing her walk around downstairs.  She still loves to push her stroller/walker and picks every random thing up she finds to put in there. It just makes us LOL every time!  She also spends most of her time trying to get in the pantry and getting her favorite snacks.
the random things she puts in her stroller!

First Day of Mother's Morning Out!
St. Andrew's

She has also started saying "Mommy".  I've been waiting a long time to hear that.  She has been saying "daddy" for a long time! Even though most of the time she is calling me, it's crying or whining, I still love hearing it.  I'm in denial that my last baby is growing up.  We have been having fun just the two of us while the bigs are at Kindergarten.  Her great naps are disappearing and she has been waking up b/t 4:30-5:15 most mornings.  I think she is just so excited about all the new things she is doing :)

Friday, September 9, 2016


Well.  We made it! The first week of Kindergarten is under the belt!  Max and Claire are going to a brand new school and are in different classes.  They have both had a great week and have told me bits and pieces! I am thankful Max's teacher has a blog so I can keep up with what they are doing.  So far, playground and snack time are their favorite parts of the day :)

The buds looking so handsome ready for his big day!
Ready to rock her first day!
Looking so grown up :)

Daddy came home from work to go with me to take them to school.  They were so happy!
Our county does a staggered entry day for kindergarten.  So the first week they only went one day, had assessments and got used to the school.  Friday we went to meet the teacher, then they started the day after Labor Day.

 Finding their names on the class lists

 Their desks :)

No looking back now!

Kate and I have been staying busy.  We usually go to the gym, grocery store, library and next week she starts a MMO program Monday/Wednesday 9:15-12:15.  Hopefully I can get the house clean soon :)