Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Kate ~ TWO year old edition!

I can't believe I am writing this post on my BABY turning TWO!  This last year flew by.  She has been the most perfect child until she hit about 20 months.  Then she started having an opinion and meltdowns started!  She still is my perfect baby, BUT with an attitude!  

She adores Max and Claire and is their little sidekick.  She wants to do whatever they are doing.  She got a bike for her birthday and wants to ride with them whenever they go out.  She also wants to "hoop" (hula hoop) with them. It's so cute how much she looks up to them.  I have to constantly remind them that she is always watching and they need to set a good example.  Claire and a neighbor have taught her "na na na na na" complete with hand motion at face.  It's hilarious but so NOT cool.

Kate is stilly a little punkers.  We go to the dr. for her two year well visit tomorrow.  I think she is around 22 lbs (Claire was 28 lbs and Max was 33 lbs!).  She still wears a lot of her 12-18 month clothes and her summer bathing suit is an 18 month!  She has the most perfect and kissable cheeks :) She loves to give hugs at night, especially if that means stalling at bed time!

She goes to a Mother's Morning Out on Monday and Wednesday (9:15-12:15) and loves her little friends.  She hangs with me the rest of the time.  She has been difficult to do any shopping with. She likes to walk everywhere and refuses to be in the cart :/.  She loves playing outside and in the playroom. She actually plays with toys, unlike Max and Claire at that age.  She LOVES Barney! lol and loves to dance.  She has the cutest little peg leg dance where she moves in a circle.  She also does a "grandma" walk. I'm not sure how that came about but she hunches over and moves her arms funny!

Kate loves to eat! She even has her own hashtag on instagram... #katesfooddrama and #cerealbartears lol.  She does not like for anyone to touch her food, even if you are just helping with the wrapper! Her favorites are: any type of bar, yogurt, cheese, broccoli, cantaloupe, pasta, and chicken.  Oh, and cereal!

She loved her birthday even though we didn't have a party.  She kept saying, "happy to you" when she would see her cake or balloons.

We really couldn't be more blessed with our three children.  There are not enough words for how much we love them!