Sunday, July 14, 2013

Potty Talk

This past week I started potty training with Claire.  She has been doing great and we are all proud of her!  She is pretty good about telling me when she has to go.  She has no problem going #1 or #2.  The only struggle we have had is first thing in morning and after naps.  She is too tired when she gets up and doesn't want to go potty. (she sleeps in diaper).
Rewarding her has been easy and without food.  I really didn't want to introduce (more) sweets to them. She is perfectly happy with a large cheer and clap.  We usually call Daddy and Grandparents to share our happy news!
I did make a potty chart for each of them and bought a lot of stickers.
Each time they completed the task, they would get a sticker.  Few problems with this..... 1. I picked a variety of stickers and have been letting them choose.  This becomes a huge, drawn out process.  I should have gotten stars or the same stickers.  2. Max gets upset when he doesn't get as many as Claire.
Max just sits on the potty and thinks he's gone pee pee.  He gets so excited.  I've started saying, 'You did a great job trying'.  Then he tells me, "No! I go pee pee"

It's also been hard when he is just sitting there pretending and Claire has to really go.  He won't move. Or he is in the other room being cute and wants me to give him attention.  Sadly, I'm only one person and can't be in two different rooms at the same time.  I do need to get a little potty that sits on the floor.  Right now we just have the little seat that goes on top.

My little princess in her big girl panties!

Hopefully this week we can tackle day time potty training!

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  1. I love that a cheer and clap is all the praise they need (and a call to the grandparents too) - how cute is that?! We just bought a little potty for Chloe this weekend and it's actually a 3 in 1. The normal potty chair, the insert for the toilet, and a stool to get to the toilet. I sat her on it for the first time this morning but all she wanted to do was turn around and look at the picture of the Toy Story characters on the lid. Note to self...get a boring potty chair next time with no pictures or cheering flush arm. Good luck! Keep us posted on how it goes because I know we'll need some advice over here!