Sunday, February 22, 2015

Snow much fun!

This past week (last Monday) we had our first snow.  We were expected to get four plus inches, but only got one and some change...with ice.  Temps were so low that most of the side roads that were not scraped, stayed snowy/icy, so kids were out of school ALL week.  It was a LONG week for all of us.  Justin was able to come home from work early on Tuesday and we all went sledding at a local park. While he was working, the kids and I played in the yard.

At Country Park - perfect for sledding!

Max had no fear on the sled and could have sled all day.  Claire, on the other hand, preferred to watch!

I am OVER this cold, wet weather and ready for warm sunshine!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Third Trimester!

Hello, third trimester!!  Things are starting to get real! And by real, I mean we are scheduling c-section date and getting everything worked out with the hospital!  I had really wanted to try a VBAC, but I have chickened out and have scheduled the c-section.  May 4th could be #3's birthday! I wouldn't be upset if she came a little earlier.  Claire has been asked to be a flower girl in Justin's cousin's wedding on May 30th.  It makes me super nervous to travel (NC to NJ) with such a new baby.

Last Thursday I had the dreaded glucose test.  It wasn't as bad as I had remembered -- maybe bc they added fruit punch as a flavor?  Good news is, I passed!

After glucose test, I met with Dr. Cousins, heard heart beat and talked about scheduling c-section.  I thought she would mention weight gain, but she is happy with everything!  She did check my cervix and it was all good..  I was nervous bc I was on bed rest at this time with Max and Claire bc of preterm labor and my cervix shortening.  Now that we have entered third trimester, I will have appointments every two weeks!

28 weeks
How far along?  28 weeks, measuring 30 weeks
Weight gain?  27 lbs
Symtoms? sciatica pain, pelvic pressure
Movement?  Lots and I love it!
Cravings? like it all, especially something sweet!
What I look forward to? ultrasound next week!
What I miss?  running and wine!

We still don't have a name.  It's driving me nuts.  We have picked a few that we like, but have a hard time with middle name.  I like one name, Justin likes the other... and then there is the opinion of others, that I am trying not to listen to :) I know whatever name we choose, will fit her perfectly!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

27 Weeks

Friday marked 27 weeks!  This pregnancy is just now starting to feel like it is going quickly.  I've been feeling great, except for getting another cold.  I'm over this weather and so ready for Spring!

27 weeks
How far along? 27 weeks
Weight gain? eh.. goes up and down a few lbs depending on the day.  prob. +26 (yikes)
Symptoms? Just a lot of pelvic pressure
Cravings? still love it all. I feel like I have been having to many splurges so I bought lots of veggies and healthier options at the store today.

Movement? Lots :)
What I look forward to? I have an appointment this Thursday.. the GLUcose test.  Yuck!
What I miss?  This isn't a miss, but I am really feeling large.  I'll look forward to feeling thinner in a few months!