Tuesday, August 29, 2017

1st grade!

While most kids are just going back to school, Max and Claire went back in July! When we moved neighborhoods, we were districted to a year round school.  I tried to apply to a traditional schedule, but got denied :(  . Luckily they are young enough that they didn't realize they were missing half their summer.  AND, the majority of the kids in our neighborhood are on the year round calendar.  Our county, and mainly city, is very over populated and is still growing! In year round, you basically go nine weeks on, three weeks off and still get the traditional days off for holidays.

 I am happy with both of their teachers and they both seem to be as well.  Their classes team up a lot during the day and mostly have the same homework -- which is nice!  They each knew one or two kids in their classes so that helped with first day jitters.

We are still trying to get back into the routine of homework and reading every night.  We did so well at the beginning of the summer but started slacking when we found out they were going to year round and we had family vacations.

Claire has started cheerleading.  I think she has found her calling!  She is really enjoying and pretty good, I think! They had their first game last weekend and it was the cutest thing watching her and her friends cheer for Max's flag football team!

Max has started flag football.  This league is pretty intense, but I think the discipline is good for him. He is very athletic, but isn't quite as competitive, if that makes sense!  He gets excited about their game days and running through the cougar tunnel!

All my pics are on my phone.. still don't have my icloud fixed to access phone pics....

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Pine Knolls Beach Reunion

Two weeks ago we went to Pine Knolls Shore beach.  It is in between Atlantic beach and Emerald Isle, NC.  It was the beach my family grew up going to.  It was the beach where some of my most favorite memories were made! I haven't been since I was a senior in high school (18 years ago!).  My mom, her three sisters and their families and my grandparents would go.  We would get two condos and two families would share. We were always a door or two down from each other and would spend all day on the beach or pool together. I was the oldest cousin so in the later years, I was also the babysitter.  Now, two of my cousins have babies!
This year we had four condos filled with three generations!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip (a lot!)

My buds!

Kate and Ann Grace (7 weeks apart!)


just chillin!

Some of the gang!

My cousin, Charlotte, Claire and niece Landyn
It was no easy task, but we took family pictures one evening!  There was definitely some bribing for the kids and men!

My whole fam.  Mom and Dad, Brother and his family and the Fredrick five!

My favorite people!
My mom and her sisters: Margaret, Mom, Catherine, Ann

cousin pic! missing two :(
The sisters wanted to do a jumping pic! lol

The whole crew!
Nanny and her grandkids!

My sweet family!

The little cousins!
I wish I was at my house growing up and could find the tree pics from the past!