Monday, July 11, 2016

Kate ~ 14 Months

Our little punky is growing up so quick and learning new things every day.  She is quite the handful and likes to be on the move all the time... She is NOT a cuddler, which makes me sad.  If she is upset or mad, she will wave her hand in your face as if to say, "back off, I need my space"
She has learned how to get a reaction out of Max and Claire, especially when she is doing something she shouldn't be doing.  It's often funny, but we have to turn our heads if we want to laugh, re-direct or say a firm "NO".
She still raises her hand when we ask, "who is the number one punkers". It makes us smile every time!
Claire is still obsessed with her and wants to carry her all.the.time.  It's sweet, but also really annoying - to all of us.
Speaking of being carried... she is still crawling.  Max didn't walk until 15 months and I know all babies do things on their own timing, but I am ready for her to walk.  Kind of.  I may eat my words when she starts walking!  She will walk with her walker, hold one of my hands and walk, but as soon as she knows you are going to let go, she sits down.

She loves going to the pool.  Our neighborhood pool has a beach entry and she is content playing and splashing in the shallow area.  Occasionally she will start crawling to the deeper section.  I've been taking her down the water slide with me and she loves it!

She is a great eater.  Not surprisingly, she loves all carbs.  Yogurt, blueberries (for the moment, sometimes she wont eat them), animal crackers and cheese are other favorites.  She also likes black beans and all the meat she has tried.
She is not a fan of milk.  I am ok with this considering the amount of cheese and greek yogurt she eats.  I am still breastfeeding her twice a day; morning and night.  I have been following her cues and I can see this ending soon.  Each session is getting shorter and shorter.  I will miss this so much when she stops.  It's the only time she lets me hold her and is still for more than 2 seconds.

working on manners....

be still my heart
Other tidbits...
Clothes: starting to wear some of her 12 month outfits, although many are still to big
Size 3 diaper
Doesn't really wear shoes bc she is in between a 2 and a 3... tiny little piggies :)

Words: Dada, Bye, Hey, Peeaazzzzz (please), Cheeeezzz (cheese for when you take her pic)  I am still waiting on mama :(  The other day it sounded like she said "Ca" when she saw Claire.
She signs a little as well: "please", "all done", "bird", "airplane" and we have been working on "mommy" but that ends up looking like bird.  She used to sign "more", but now everything is please.  When she is ready to eat she starts signing "please" until you give her some food.  It's really cute!

Love this little nugget so much!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Playing Catch Up

I have been meaning to update for a while, but life happens :)  The kids have been out of school for a month now.  We have stayed pretty busy going to the pool, having company and/or traveling on the weekends.
We joined our neighborhood pool as well as MacGregor Downs.  MDCC has tennis and golf but is further away so we spend most time at the neighborhood pool.  It has a great beach entry where I can play with Kate and watch the big kids at the same time!  Their favorite thing to do is go down the slide!

We met some friends at The Natural Science Center in Greensboro and went to a pool bday party!


Justin and I went to a Member Guest golf tournament in Greensboro. It was an amazing weekend bc I got to be with a lot of my closest friends!....makes me miss Greensboro that much more.  AND ~ my parents were awesome and kept the kids so we could have some kid free time!
Friday night was heavy h'orderves and a DJ by the pool.
With the Lyles
Saturday night was my favorite! We had a delicious sit down dinner (steak and lobster) then The Breakfast Club played.  They are one of my favorite 80s bands!! So much fun!

Last week Max and Claire went to Safety Town.  It's a class for rising kindergartners that teaches road safety, stranger danger, talks with local law enforcement, EMS and Firemen.  Their favorite part was the snacks!

Last weekend we went to Charlotte to surprise my SIL, Darcy for her 30th bday!
Grandma, Darcy, Kate, Max and Claire
I have a bachelorette party this weekend at the beach (thanks Mom for keeping kids, again!) and then I will look forward to having nothing to do.  Can't seem to keep the house clean when we are traveling or having guest every weekend!

Will need to do a new post on this punkers soon! She is getting so big!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kindergarten, here we come!

Max and Claire's last day of Prek was May 19th.  This last year went by so fast.  I'm really sad they weren't with CEC, the preschool they have been with since 10 months, but the end of the year program at St. Pauls was nice.
The PreK classes had a little program singing songs then got a certificate from their teachers afterward.

They will miss seeing their buddies every day! They really made some great friends at their new school
Ms. Gwen and Ms. Pam

I had an end of the year conference with their lead teacher.  Claire got all M's (mastered-see most of the time) and only had trouble with recognizing three lower case letters.  She said she is prepared for Kindergarten.  I did find it funny that she said Claire really liked talking to the teachers and often had to be redirected to go back to her center or with her peers.... that didn't surprise me one bit. I'm thinking she was getting bored.  Her favorite part of the day was anytime she was doing something art related.  I know she will do great in Kindergarten and love the new challenge.
My big girl! 5 going on 15!

 Max did well on his review, too.  He got mostly M's but a few E's (emerging - see occasionally) He had a bit of trouble recognizing letters.  I think he knew more than they said, he just isn't as confident in himself. Teacher also said he gets along well with peers but had to be redirected at times.
We have decided to put them in different Kindergarten classes next year.  I will be interested to see how they flourish when given the opportunity to be themselves.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Kentucky Derby

Just a few short weeks ago, Justin and I packed up and went to the Kentucky Derby!  We left on a Thursday and had a fun filled weekend, returning Sunday morning.  One of his vendors invited us. Every thing was thoughtfully planned out.  As soon as we arrived we went to a delicious lunch on the river then met up with the rest of the group for a Bourbon tour!

Thursday night we went out for a fun dinner then back to house to rest up for Friday's festivities - The Kentucky Oaks.  That's the big race on Friday. It's for the fillies (female horses). I had only brought one hat, so thankfully one of our friends let me wear one of hers from previous years! We had amazing seats. We were right at the finish line and at the winner's circle.

There was record breaking attendance this day. 

Our group
Next up: The 142nd Kentucky Derby!
The Oaks day was a blast. Lots of drinking and people watching.  I did, however, learn not to wear heels the whole time. My feet were blistered and hurt so bad.  So I started the day in my flats and actually ended up wearing them the whole time and whoever was in charge of the shoe bag.... left it somewhere and my heels are gone :( thank goodness they were just from TJ Maxx and I didn't spend a lot on them!

Bourbon and Biscuits before heading the the tracks

With my stud of a husband :)
Definitely one of the silliest hats we saw!

Delicious mint juleps!

The Derby
We had sent my parents pics of the program and told them and the kids to pick a horse for us to bet on.  We bet on 7 horses and did not win one! Justin had picked the Exgerrator to win the Derby - he did not, but won the Preakness. Right horse, wrong race!  It truly was a bucket list experience.  Justin has mentioned wanting to go back again!

Oh, and must add the pics of the hats Max and Claire made with my mom.  She bought hats and decorations at the dollar store and they each made hats to wear while watching on TV!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Kate's First Birthday Party

I'm a lot late posting about her special day, but here we are!  Since we haven't lived in Cary long, we just kept it small and had mostly family.  Our babysitter and one of our best friends came as well.

Her theme was pink and gold.  I loved how everything turned out and liked how intimate her day was.

I decorated these cool wine glasses with glitter and mod podge!

cute glasses from Target

birthday chair!
Our baby!

Fredrick Five!
My number one punkers!
Waiting patiently for cake :)


sharing cake with Mom!

Presents are fun!

Love my new wagon, especially riding with my cousin, Ann Grace!

Cruisin in my new car!
Love Nanny and Poppy!

A whole lotta pink!
Grandpa and Grandma are the best!
babysitter Lisa!

One of Mom's best friends, Liz!
Her party was great! I still have a hard time realizing our baby girl is ONE! Time slow down!