Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer Fun

I can't believe we are almost in July! The past few weeks in North Carolina have been so hot.  We have spent a lot of time at the pool! Max and Claire had their first tennis lesson of the summer last Friday.  It is so cute to see all those little people playing tennis! We are hoping to keep the lessons going so they actually get something out of them!  Last year the coach gave them popsicles after.  This lesson, the first thing Claire asked me when they finished was why they didn't get popsicles this time!  Haha! Girlfriend has a good memory!

We got a visit from Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt Darcy this weekend.  They love their grandparents so much and wished they lived closer.  It was a short trip, but enough time to ride in Grandma's convertible!

Today was a beautiful day so we showed them the pool we belong to.  Kate sported a new bathing suit!
Tomorrow the big kids start Vacation Bible School.  I'm hoping to finish unpacking - we have most of it finished, just a few small baskets/boxes need to be put away.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Life Lately

This past week has been crazy busy for the Fredrick family.  We finally got an offer on our house and accepted!  We don't close until July 30th, so hopefully everything will go smoothly. My cousin, mom and I have been moving things by carloads over to the rental.  I have almost emptied the kitchen, linen closets, most of our closets, playroom, and pictures/frames.  We mostly have big items and things in the attic.  Originally we were going to hire movers to help, but somehow that has turned into Justin taking off work and renting a U-haul.  Hmmm.. that means just the two of us moving our house.  He has promised not to cuss and stay happy while moving big items -- we will see!

We have had record high temps this week and have tried to stay cool at the pool!  Even Miss Kate wore her bikini to stay cool!

Max and Claire have turned into big fish!  Their swimming skills have really improved.  Max has even started doing back flips in the water!

There have been a lot of snuggles with baby Kate!

Oh! How can I forget Claire's first dance recital?! She rocked her ballet and tap dances! We were so proud of her!

Her biggest fan brought her flowers!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Donor milk

Since day one with Kate, I have made a lot of milk... which was quite the opposite with Max and Claire.  I had to supplement with them the whole ten months I pumped.  Especially in the first two weeks with Kate, my let down was so strong I found myself feeding and pumping almost every two hours.  I quickly accumulated a nice stash for the freezer.  

Milk has taken over our freezer!
I probably have 80 freezer bags of milk - so much that I had to take most of it to the rental house freezer.  
Last Friday I got a call from a nurse that I had been talking to.  She had a new patient that had been panicking because she was already having to give her newborn daughter formula and was unable to find a local donor milk bank.  The nurse had remembered how much milk I had and called to see if I would be interested in donating my milk.  I have always thought milk sharing was weird and I personally wouldn't want to feed my baby someone else's milk. (just my opinion).  This patient is a pediatrician along with her husband so she knew the risks of donor milk.  I thought about this overnight and decided I would donate 20 bags of milk. (I still have around 60 bags).  The other patient called me and we set up a time the next day to meet.  She brought me a new box of freezer bags and I handed over my hard earned milk!  Although I do not plan on donating anymore of my milk, I am glad I could help another mom.
Really hoping it is good karma ;)

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Kate ~ 1 Month

Our little #3, Kate, is one month!  It feels like just yesterday we were leaving the hospital!
This first month has flown by.  She is the sweetest baby and really only cries when she is hungry.

Girlfriend likes to sleep!  She sleeps most of the day and not too bad at night.  Just this week, she has started to be more alert and having longer awake times,  She is, for the most part, on a three hour eating schedule.  We struggled the first two weeks with breastfeeding.  But, coming into the fourth week, we are figuring it out.  She normally nurses during the day and gets bottles in the middle of the night - still exclusively breast milk.

cute little piggies!
8lbs 11.5oz - 35%
21in - 44%

You have had a very busy first month... you have gone strawberry picking, to the pool, your first plane ride to NJ (post to come), first wedding, birthday parties.... basically you go with the flow and usually sleep right through it!
We have been extremely blessed with you and are loving each and every minute of watching you grow!

{still working on photo shoots ;) }

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Schools out..... for the summer!

Well, last Thursday was Max and Claire's last day of their 3's preschool.  They had a wonderful year and had a great end of year "report card".  Each year I love their teachers more and more.  I can't believe they only have one more year before they go to kindergarten!

First day of school 

Max: last day of school
My picture of them together and Claire by herself is floating around somewhere... it's MIA?

Claire with two amazing teachers: Ms. Leslie and Ms. Debbie

Max and Ms. Debbie

We have almost finished our first week of summer.  It's been rainy so we haven't really done much.  Next week they start swim camp -- we are all excited about that.  They have picked right back up from where they were last year, and I know this swim camp will not disappoint!  Plus, Kate and I will have some quiet time!!

They swim well without their puddle jumpers,but I still can't get in the pool bc of csection.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Real Talk

Now that Kate is three weeks old and the newness is starting to go away (well a little), the baby blues have kicked in.  I cry a lot. I'm sure it's not all postpartum, but also has to deal with having house on the market and trying to find time to move into the rental,  trying to pay a lot of attention to Max and Claire, and learning a new routine for our new family of five.  Three is hard.  I texted a few of my friends that have three kids yesterday asking if it got easier.  I wouldn't trade my life for anything in the world, but three is kicking my butt! I'm sure things will get easier (or I will just get used to) once we figure out a new routine.

I remember feeling overwhelmed and weepy around the same time with Max and Claire.

Claire is helpful most of the time, the rest of the time she is in Kate's face or begging to hold her.

Buds can be helpful, but stays out of her way for the most part.  Occasionally, he wants to help feed her, but only last one minute.

Kate and I are still working on breastfeeding.  It has gotten a little better.  I went back to the lactation consultant and she was helpful once again.  She said I really need to be breastfeeding at least four times a day for her to get the practice and hang of things.  We still use a bottle for when she is super hungry, or I'm not here, and the late night/early morning feedings.  I think she is having a growth spurt.  She has gotten better for the most part.  Sometimes it takes a few minutes to get the latch correct, but once she does, she is good for about 20 minutes and that makes me very happy.

Yesterday started out rough for me.  I was excited, we were all up and getting ready for church, thought I was ahead of the game and had an outfit picked out.... thought being key word.  I went for a more flowy dress, went to put it on, and NOPE it made me look like a sausage, def. not flowy.  I ended up in tears. I hate this in between stage.  I have lost about 24 of the 40 I gained, but am very wide still.  Finally found a black dress to wear and had a cardigan to help cover.  I'm really upset bc one of the dresses I had tried on, was one I was going to wear to a wedding this weekend.  Now I am going to have to buy a new outfit that I will probably only wear once. UGH.

After church we packed up and went to the pool.  We are members of two, one being in a neighboring city (for justin's golf) and that is the one we went to.  Of course, it is 50 minutes away so that meant extra packing.  I did the best I could to prepare for a day trip there.  I pumped, packed bottles, fed Kate, packed lunches, dry clothes, packed pump and extra bottles... After the hour it took to get ready, we were headed out.  By the time we got there it was almost time to feed Kate again.  I was determined to breastfeed so I didn't have to get out the dreaded pump, but she had other plans.  More breast milk ended up on her and her face than in her mouth.  I was so irritated.  So, bottle it was, then I had to find a place to pump. This one has to have an outlet.  The ladies room didn't have any outlets, so I asked the teenage lifeguards if I could use their guard room to pump.  They let me, but probably had no idea what it meant when I said I needed to pump!

The kids had a great time swimming and playing with their cousins.  After the pool, Justin took Max to hit golf balls for the first time.  It was super cute!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Life with three

Kate is two weeks today! It's hard to believe it has been two weeks.  For the most part, she has been a great baby! She is super sweet, cuddly and a pretty good sleeper! She goes with the flow and is only bothered when we move her when she is in a deep sleep... which, hey, I would be bothered too!

She takes a paci, but is trying so hard to figure out her thumb! It's so cute when she figures it out - even if it's only for a few seconds!

Last Wednesday (9 days old), my Mom and I took the three kiddos to go strawberry picking.  That was my first big outing.  We had fun! Kids enjoyed being out and the special ice cream at the end and Kate slept the whole time!

Last Friday, Kate got her newborn pictures done.  The photographer did a fab. job! Can't wait to see the proofs :)  Max and Claire got in on a few pics and did great!

Claire had dance pictures on Saturday morning.  Justin was in a golf tournament with my dad, so mom came to spend the day.  I truly don't know what I would have done without her help these past two weeks.

I think the hardest part with three kids (so far), is feeling like I am giving equal attention to Max and Claire.  They have been really acting out and it hurts my heart.  Justin, Me and Mom have gone out of our way to make sure we are doing fun things with them, including them, giving them special treats, etc and they have been brats. Claire has been extra whiny and gets so upset if she doesn't help feed Kate or get to hold her 1,349 times a day.  Max has just been mean. I'm hoping this phase goes away SOON, bc it is hard on this Mama!

This afternoon I decided I was ready to drive.  I started close by, by taking Claire to dance.  We made it, and even made it on time!  Today was a better attitude day, hoping for more like it!  I'm tired and ready to knock out another night with my newest little love bug!

One more success: we nursed successfully three times today!! Hopefully the pump can be put away soon!