Sunday, September 14, 2014

First Week of School

Max and Claire started back to school on Monday.  This year they are going Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 9-1.  So far they are loving it!
Last night I was working a consignment sale shift with one of their teachers and she was so complimentary of them.... saying how sweet Max was and how motherly Claire was! And... my favorite - they have the best manners in the class :) #proudmom

First day of Pre-K (3s class - Ms. Leslie and Ms. Debbie)

They ran in without turning back!  Looking forward to a great year!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Last vacay of the summer

We just returned from another fabulous beach trip.  This time it was with my family.  I've been looking forward to this trip for a while.  I was interested to see how Max and Claire would interact with their twin cousins, Brooke and Landyn.  They are 10 months apart.

It went better than expected!  They had so much fun running in the sand, jumping the waves, swimming in the pool and having a sleepover at night!

Little fishy!
Loved doing Ninja jumps into the pool!
These two were inseparable all week!  Landyn copied everything Claire did and Claire liked taking on the roll of older cousin!
We also did family pictures.  I love doing these every year!  Although it was very windy, they went great!

It's amazing how things change in two years!

Now it's time for things to slow down! Kids go back to school tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Is it time for school yet?

Today was rough.  I mean really rough.   The short story...

We were supposed to be getting our yard aerated tomorrow but I remembered our tv cables are underground.  I had to call a company that comes out and marks underground wires, etc.  Anywho... as I was trying to talk to the customer service rep, Claire kept whining and talking and getting louder.  I tried to go close myself in the playroom and as I did, I slammed my hand in the door.

knot right under my knuckles and swollen hand
I was so mad, I was crying... then the crying didn't stop.  Then Claire calls and tells me she needs help. {She was in bathroom} As I walk in, I notice pee everywhere.... wall, floor, toilet seat and floor.  She had to have stood up on the toilet, had to! Girlfriend has been potty trained for a year.  She knows where the pee goes and the wall is not one of the places.
No words
After I cooled off we went the pool.  It was empty since all the big kids are in school so we basically had the pool to ourselves.  So thankful for my good friends.  It was so nice to be able to melt down and talk and know they would listen.

Thankfully we have one more beach trip then back to school!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Friday I came across chatbooks while reading Momfessionals blog.  Have you heard of it? Not me. But, I am so glad I came across that post. Chatbooks is an app on Iphone that uploads your instagram pics and turns them into books.  AND it's only $6! You get 60 pages per book plus free shipping!  I ended up printing all my pictures (deleted food and workout pics).  I don't print pictures nearly as much as I should and now I have an easy way to document memories with my family and friends!

It ships in 7-10 days and I can't wait!! to for mine to come!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

LBI 2014

A week later and I am finally posting about our yearly trip to LBI.  This is one of my favorite vacation places.
One of my favorite parts of the trip is doing family pictures!  I choose colors based on the outfit I pick out for Max and Claire.  This year our colors were royal blue and yellow and I loved how they turned out!
A few of my favorites:

Probably my absolute favorite! I could look at this all day, every day!

Not so easy to hold both of them anymore!

This summer, Max wanted to be in the water the whole time we were on the beach.  He was a machine! We introduced both of them to the boogie board.  Loved it!

Loved getting ice cream treats from the Ice cream truck!

Learning how to fly a kite with Grandpa and Daddy!

So happy to have kids that love the beach as much as we do!  One more beach trip scheduled before school starts!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Yellow or Green

It's that time of year again... beach pictures!  I bought Max and Claire's outfit at Gap a few months back.  Royal Blue is our main color, now I'm trying to decide between yellow or green as an accent.

The yellow really pops, but I like the green too!

Last year's family beach pic

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


We had an overcast and rainy few days last week.  We took the opportunity to go see Planes 3D.  This was only the second movie Max and Claire have been to, the first one being Frozen.  I was little unsure about them wearing the 3D glasses.  Max did great and wore them the whole time, sat still and really enjoyed the movie.  Claire did well, but got restless at time and fell asleep the last 20 minutes.
Ugh..went to upload some cute pics of them in their glasses, but it's not in my photo stream? It's in my album.  This is the second time I've started a post and not had the picture to go with it.  :(
So here are two of my favorite that are on there!

Little mommy with her twins!

All boy! Loves his cars!