Thursday, September 26, 2013


Max and Claire seem to be loving their new class and teachers.  The other day when I picked them up, Max was all decked out in a fairy costume!

It's funny, there were more boys dressed up than girls!

Apparently, he likes fairies......  A friend sent me this picture today after she dropped her son off.

Also note how tall Max is next to his buddy!  We have a tall boy!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

OK to Wake!

I did it... I finally bit the bullet.  I was in Barnes and Nobles and happen to come across, OK to Wake!  I have been contemplating buying this for a while.  I am so over 5:30 wake up times, no naps and going to bed way too late.  I first saw it on Amazon and read all the great reviews!   Barnes and Nobles was the first store I have seen it in, so I took it as a sign!!

Our first night went ok.  We explained that they had to stay in their bed until their new clock turned green.  They seemed to be on board...that is until Claire decided to sleep in Max's room.  Max actually stayed in bed until the set time and was able to see it turn green!  Although it's still early, we set wake up time for 6:30.  I'm hoping to move it up a few minutes every few days.

Crossing our fingers and toes this works!  The Fredrick 4 need their sleep!

Sunday, September 15, 2013


I've said it before, Claire is a mini me.  She watches and listens to everything I do.  Unfortunately, that means the bad as well.  The other day I heard her say, "damnit".  Not only did she say it, she used it in the right context.  Oh my!  I'm not proud of it and I try really hard not to use cuss words around them.  Today my mom brought them to watch me play tennis and she said it again.  I was so embarrassed.

So.... what do I do?  I try not to make a big deal, but it is.  It has stuck.  I don't want to bring more attention to the word, but I also don't want her going around school (or anywhere) saying that.  If I hear her say it, I try to say, "you mean, oh man" or "oops".

In other news, these two munchkins have been doing so great with potty training.  Claire has been completely accident free for the past three days, only wearing a diaper for nap and bedtime.  She is good at telling me she has to go when we are out as well.  Max has been doing great at home.  I have only taken him in underpants to my mom's house and he has been dry!  They are also good at reminding me they get a special treat when they go!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Super deals!

It's almost fall and I love this time of year.  Cool mornings, coffee, sweats, blankets, snuggles and Consignment Sales!
I racked up on some pretty sweet deals tonight.  I may have gotten a little carried away with things for Claire, BUT she should be set for the next few months!  I had shopped for Max some this summer but he still needs a few shirts and one or two more pair of pants.

Some of my best finds included: Uggs for $10, Barney and Batman costumes for $2 each, a snowsuit for $4 and this great princess vanity/piano for $15.  They are both obsessed with the piano and  I know they will be super excited about the costumes.  Both of them love to play dress up, but don't have any dress up clothes... now they do!  They still had their tags on them! Score!  Thinking I may go back on Saturday for the 1/2 price items!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Tuesday started our first day of preschool! All three of us were very excited!  The first week they ease them in and only go 9-11, and will regular hours next week (9-1).

I am really excited about their school year!  I'm also excited that they encourage them to go potty if they are not potty trained.  Claire went to school in panties today, but had an accident :( Proud of her for wanting to go in panties! We are getting there! and I know we will be there soon with their help!!
Max wore a diaper, but when I picked him up he wanted to go on the potty!  He did and they gave him a treat for it :)