Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Last Day of School

Last Wednesday was Max and Claire's last day of school.  I can't believe the year flew by so quick.  We were blessed to have such wonderful teachers and great kids in the class.  We are going to miss them over the summer!

It's amazing how much they have grown, physically and intellectually.

First Day 

The only pic I have of her :( on the move!
Last Day
Three best teachers!  Max did not want to take his picture.

So we took one with Mom and other classmates!
Now it's pool time!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


This past weekend Max, Claire, Nanny and I went to the beach.  We got there Friday afternoon and had planned on staying until Tuesday night.... that was until my children were acting like they never had before and the weather was cloudy and rainy.
Saturday was a nice day and we had about two hours of sun on Sunday.

They really enjoyed playing in the sand and collecting shells.
I wish they enjoyed sleeping as much as they enjoyed playing in the sand.  They didn't sleep past 5:30 while we were there.  There was a morning where my Mom came and got Claire and took her into her room and went back to sleep.  It was extra hard bc my aunt and uncle were there and I was trying my best to keep them quiet and not wake them up.
They no longer sleep in pack and plays when we travel.  The past two weekends they have slept on an air mattress.  It's not as easy as the pnp bc they play, get up and move around and just overall take longer to fall asleep.
We are going on a girls/kids beach trip in a couple of weeks...hoping it's a much more successful trip!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

When I grow up...

Max and Claire's Mother's Morning Out class had their end of the year picnic.  It has been a wonderful year; great friends and wonderful teachers!  We have been blessed to have such wonderful women taking care of our children.

At the end of the picnic the teachers had a little something to say about each child.  They described their personality and said what they thought they would be when they grew up based on how they behaved in the classroom!  It was so neat to hear about each child.

 This made me laugh!  They said that he loves the Fireman song they sing and does all the movements to go along and he really likes playing with fire trucks and action heroes.  As well as being a sweet boy!

I could totally see this!  Claire always takes the lead in the class.  She knows the rules and exactly what they are supposed to do each day.... and sometimes reminds the teachers!  A mother hen.
-I found it funny that the other twin girl (does not go on our days) was most likely to be a super mom - also a mother hen of the class!

So sad that they only have two more days left.  Luckily we have some awesome friends that we will play with all summer :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Baby Fever

I think I have it!  It seems that everyone around me either just had a baby or is expecting.  Today, one of my best friends had her baby girl.  She already has twin boys that just turned four.  She struggled with infertility like I did, but was blessed with baby girl on her own!
She is so sweet.  She was telling me all about the c-section and her experience.  It has changed so much in two years.  She was able to watch the whole thing and hold her immediately.  She then stayed with her in recovery.
I did not get to hold Max and Claire until I was out of recovery and they came to me already bathed.  As I was leaving tonight, they were just giving her a bath then Mom has to do skin to skin for an hour.  I would have LOVED to have that opportunity!

Of course, this fever could change as soon as mine start having tantrums tomorrow ;)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pass the Doughnut

Today marked two weeks on Weight Watchers.  This past week was a little better than the first.  I did a better job on tracking and not stressing.  AND i LOST 3 lbs! Yay! and that's on top of going to a Derby party Saturday night and indulging in too many beverages and having Krispy Kreme for breakfast on Sunday ;)

You're missing out if you have not had their sugar doughnut!
 I feel good and really hope I don't get cocky(as in not tracking and thinking I can have extra treats) and start slipping - bathing suit season starts in two weeks for me!

Not too much else is going on.  Just staying busy with these two littles.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Silent Auction fun!

Today I was invited to another Pre-School's silent auction to raise money for their program.  This was my first and it was so much fun!  I went with one thing in mind.... POOL membership!  There were lots of great items to bid on, but this is the only thing I won.

$420 - super pumped!
We almost purchased the membership last month... so glad life got busy and we didn't!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WW Week 1

Yesterday marked my first week back on Weight Watchers.  I tracked 80% of the time.  It's easy to track when you just have to write "apple" , "orange" , "egg", but if I have to break something down, I tend to skip it or guess.  That's not smart, and I know that.  I worked out 5/7 days last week.

So it's Tuesday, meeting day.  I weigh myself before leaving and I did not lose.a.pound.  Not cool.  I still went to meeting, but chose not to weigh in. {Being a lifetime member, I only have to weigh in once a month}  I should have done it just to hold myself accountable.  Today is a new day.

Everything was going good until I got a sweet tooth and an itch to bake.  I made a penuche cake.  Just a little piece of heaven!  I did lighten it up by using greek yogurt and water in the cake mix, but the icing was FULL of fat :/  I gave some to two friends and Justin had a big piece for dessert.... and I did not measure, but it's safe to say I had two pieces.  I went over points today.  But that is OK.  I have extra points for the week and a lot of activity points.

I have three friends who have also signed up.  This is great encouragement and will definitely help with Girls' Night Out!