Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Max ~ 8(.5) years old

Well my goal last year was to start blogging more... and as you can see, that hasn't happened.  I thought for sure I wouldn't miss blogging about the kids' birthdays or special events/holidays, but it has.
So here we are! Updating my sweet Buds who is now 8.5!!

Since he turned 8:
~He played basketball though the Town of Apex.
~Ran with Apex Youth running club.
~Grandpa and Grandma took him (and Claire) to Massachusetts to go skiing!  It was their first time and they stayed with Aunt Clara and Uncle Lou!  
~Had a bowling birthday party (I dropped the ball.  He wanted one at XL sports but, per usual, I procrastinated)
~Played soccer through the Town of Apex.  Was on the Rattlers and played great!
~Went to fun Y Guides events with Dad
~Had a great year in second grade, ending with a school play.  He played the mouse.
~On Bella Casa swim team.  Super fast!
~Started 3rd Grade!

Stats (from well check in Feb)
Height  56.5 in - off the chart!
Weight  78.2 - 95th %
Clothing size - 10
Shoe size - 6!

Buds is the sweetest, kindest kid.  He has a huge heart, manners are on point, and overall great kid!  Him and Claire fight like typical siblings.  He is great with Kate.  Loves quality time with Mom and Dad.
Couldn't be more proud. Love watching our sweet boy grow!

In Ma. skiing!

8th bday party!

End of year play ~ 2nd Grade
First day of 3rd Grade! Ms. McMaster

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