Wednesday, March 31, 2010


1.  I did not wear sunscreen today and now I have a pink face and shoulders
2.  I drank wine before going to my bible study when I should of been finishing my hw.

Now for my big one
I have major insecurities.  They may seem little to others,  but are huge to me.  I feel that my comprehension on many subjects is very poor therefore making it hard for me to complete exercises or carry on an intellectual conversation - I usually just remain quiet.  Tonight for example.  listening to others pray (which i know there is no right or wrong) and answer questions from the hw made me very uncomfortable and feel out of place.  It is not their fault but I just felt so "behind" of where I "should" be.  I pray that God will help me with these insecurities so I can fully participate.  One girl came up to me as we were leaving and said she was where I am last year and she has come a long way...that was so important for me to see and hear.  I CAN grow!

Anyways.. had to get that off my chest!

Looking forward to tomorrow and the beautiful day we are going to have.  I have more planting to do!
eh.. guess I should finish going through my tax stuff since i am meeting with the acct Friday morning

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