Wednesday, March 3, 2010

When the Hubs is away, the wife will play!

Or something like that!! ha! J is out of town for the night so I have the house to myself.  We got off work early (3) so I hit the gym (42 min of cardio then 15 min alternating jump rope with bicep and tricep exercises: 437 calories with 50% fat) then maybe I went to Feeney's Fro Yo!  I was pretty hungry after my workout so I had a little snack of broiled eggplant and 2% mozz cheese with marinara sauce drizzled over (not pictured)
Then I did some much needed laundry.  This may sound weird, but I love doing laundry.. I just dread putting it up!  I am also pretty stocked on detergent. There have been major deals on detergent and I couldn't pass them up.  I haven't spent more than $4 on any of this detergent :) woot woot!
I actually got to watch Jeopardy while eating dinner!! J hates Jeopardy.  To bad I didn't get many questions right ;)  I had a simple dinner: salad with egg whites, cucumbers and peppers with a little vinegar and lf ranch.

and some left over spinach and mash potatoes mixed together

don't be jealous of this goodness!
OH!! How could I forget?!! It's official, I signed us up for the Belews Lake Triathlon . Guess I need to start training!!

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  1. mm i love cheese! congrats on signing up for the triathlon, what an awesome thing to do!