Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tomorrow is my Friday!

Go ahead and be jealous!!  I leave for the beach tomorrow night although it really sucks that we are leaving at like 9pm and probably won't get there until 2:30 am.

Justin left this morning so he could go salt water fishin' with his buddies.
Must be nice!! Our friend Matt sent me this.  I miss him :)

Although it was nice to go shopping this afternoon, go to the gym without having to think about rushing home to make dinner and coming home to quiet :)

Here is the dress and necklace I got.  How cute is the necklace?  This is so not something that I would normally buy (or spend) but we have a wedding next weekend also so I can wear it twice!!  
Both are beach weddings so it is ok that it isn't too dressy :)  I hope my gold heels match.. bc I am broke!  Actually, to be quite honest, I thought the dress was not flattering for me...but after sitting in it for like 30 min (no joke - she was so ready for me to leave!) and trying on lots of jewelry, it grew on me!  At least it's one I can wear more than once. right?

Guess I should be packing instead of reading blogs.


  1. I think it looks great on you! Love the necklace too. I need to get more daring with my accessories. Hope you guys have fun!

  2. I love the color of that dress- blondes always look beautiful in blue :) And that necklace is adorable, so springy- I love it! Hope you enjoy your weekend trip girl!!