Monday, May 17, 2010

Blueberries are back!  They haven't made an appearance in our house in at least a month.  I refuse to pay $5 for a small thing of conventional blueberries.  They were super tasty on this morning's oatmeal.

Had another appt with Dr. D today.  Still chugging along.  I am definitely starting to feel the bloating from all the stimulation.  I have to continue on the same dosage and go back again on Wednesday.  Hopefully by then I'll know when the retrieval will be.
Today was a yucky rainy day.  I wasn't feeling the gym so I came home and doctored up some frozen turkey burgers.  
I sauteed some onions and portabello mushrooms and topped with a juicy tomato! with a side salad and corn on the cob!!

After this filling dinner I felt the need to gym it up.  With all this stimulation I was only up for a walk so I headed out and walked for 42 minutes.  Not a huge calorie burn but just what I needed.

Ended the evening with a relaxing bubble bath, warm sleepytime tea and soft, cozy pjs!!


  1. Sometimes a long walk is the best form of's relaxing, feels great and I always get a lot of good thinking in!! Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

  2. Date Nights are the best, especially when they are sushi date nights!! Saw your post below!!!

    Yes do you mean the coco pops! The rice cake things?!! Thats me that loves them!! I need to get more!!!! Yay glad you got some!!!!!!

    Have a great night girl!! xoxo