Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Disappearing salad

Have you ever heard of such? I know, me neither!  So J and I have been obsessed with salads recently.  Tonight we had already decided we were having a breakfast dinner, but neither of us could get salad off our mind.  So we decided we would just have a salad then breakfast!  UNTIL I went to get the spring mix I bought last night.  GONE. no where in sight. what the hell?  I just bought the bag last night.  I searched the frige twice then had J come look, looked in the trash - nope, not there, cabinets - no, oven - no.  It has disappeared.  I'm not kidding that I looked in cabinets and oven!  The gross thing is I'll find that bag a month from now all nasty and gunkafied!
So did we have a salad. Um heck ya!  I ran up to Earth Fare just for a bowl of salad. and it was goooood!
J's is pretty plain but mine was loaded with artichokes, cucumbers, peppers, egg, cottage cheese (1 spoon), hummus (1 spoon), and balsamic. 
After salad I made Justin 2 eggs over easy, bacon and toast.  I was not hungry and was needing a good walk so skipped "breakfast" and went for a walk and read a new Conceive magazine and started the new Cooking Light.  One of the articles in Conceive talked about fertility-friendly snacks.  I am happy to report I eat all of them and they are some of my faves! (apples with almond butter, yogurt with blueberries, whole wheat waffles with banana (my favoritest of the faves), popcorn and hummus with pita chips!) Right on!!

When I got home from the gym I was a little hungry so I toasted up an Arnold's Sandwich Thin.  One side with reduced sugar blueberry preserves and the other with almond butter and honey AND a glass of milk on the side!
It was so good.  This was one of my old "go to" breakfast that I have neglected for a while and it will be my breakfast tomorrow.  

Appointment update:
So the date is set!  We go in early Sunday morning.  I have to continue injections tonight and tomorrow then Friday I take the trigger shot which aids in ovulation.  Saturday I have to remember to take an antibiotic and dramamine and no eating after 12!  I need to post on my bathroom mirror!! 
I am nervousexcitedscaredanxioushappyready for this!!


  1. Hey pretty lady!!
    eeek you will find that lettuce in a random spot soon!..or maybe it was left in the cart!?
    GOOD LUCK on Sunday! fingers are crossed and prayers are being said for you!

  2. YAY! Good luck with your appointment!

  3. Good luck at your appointment on Sunday!! Keeping you in my prayers!!

    Funny about the salad! We always "lose" food in our oven...I'll put something back in to keep it warm during dinner, and then find it the next day all slimy and gross.