Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tampa, Here I come!!

So excited to be heading to Tampa tomorrow! I am going to visit my BFF, Ashley.  Her husband called me over a month ago and asked if I would come to surprise her for her birthday.  DUH. I'll be right there!
this was at her sister's bachelorette party last year
She has three beautiful children that I am ready to squeeze!! She was telling me today that they were asking questions about my belly (having two babies).  I was so hoping I would be showing by now, but I lost another pound. :(  It's so odd... when I'm trying to lose weight, I can look at food and gain and NOW I eat half a bag of cheetoos and lose weight?  I have been trying to eat more, but I feel full so fast.  

I have an u/s on Monday (12 weeks)! So excited to see my babies again!!

Have a great weekend... I'll have lots of pics when I return!


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