Thursday, July 22, 2010


WOW! What a morning!!  Today we met my OB for the first time (I switched Dr).  She was a hoot.  She has no filter on her mouth!  Let's just say I am extremely modest and she embarrassed the crap out of me! Justin and I had many laughs in that short 30 min.
We got to have another u/s and it was amazing.  They actually look like babies!!  They both had strong heart beats and were measuring perfect!!  It was so good to hear them and see the progress.
Baby A was actually moving it's legs and Baby B was facing us with it's legs crossed and hands over the face. They are so cute to me already!!
I'm in love
Baby A is on the right and B is on left

Oh happy days!


  1. Yay Kelly! So exciting :) I'm glad they're both doing so well!

  2. : ) Yay! Wonderful news! You'll have to tell me who your Dr. is!

  3. YAY! So sweet! Congrats again :)