Sunday, October 3, 2010

decisions made

We have reached the 21 week mark!  I think saying a little over 5 months sound further along!  This weekend was all about making some decisions!  Yesterday I went to Furnitureland South and decided on the following pieces of furniture:
bumpers  not sure if this came through but we are going to get bumpers from Javis Davis.  Baby Boy will have the Twister Ice Blue and Baby Girl will have Twister Spring  The whole set is more than we can/should spend on two babies so I have compromised by just ordering the bumpers!  

It feels nice to have all that picked out.  Today we moved 95% of my clothes into Justin's closet.  Now we just need to get an organizer for the babies closet....making progress.

On a sad note, we also talked about Coltrane, our dog.  Coltrane turns 14 this month and has not been doing great.  I have been putting my blinders on bc I don't want the unthinkable to happen.  He is my wittle buddy!  4.5 years ago he had a tumor on his tongue and the vet gave him 3-6 months to live... it has been 4 years!  He has had his ups and downs, but for the most part done pretty well!  The past few months have been rough as far as he has a pooping problem..... as in cleaning it up in the house at least once, if not more a day.  He now sleeps in our sun room (with his cozy bed and windows to look out of) and has a floor that's easier to clean.  I probably clean up a mess 6 out of 7 mornings and 4 out of 5 afternoons when I get home from work.  Today he had three messes.  I am usually the cleaner bc I don't like hearing Justin get upset with him.  The talk happened again today about when was it going to be his time.  He also has pretty bad arthritis and has a hard time sitting and getting up. (blinders)  It seems everyone sees it but me.  Letting go of a pet that you dearly love is soooooooooooo hard.  I think his time is near and I have been in tears all day.  I asked Justin to give me some notice when he was going to take him in so I could spoil the hell out of him before hand.... yummy dinner, long walk, fun car ride, snuggling and lots of tasty treats. 
I wish this was easier.

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