Wednesday, December 1, 2010

29 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along?  29 weeks 3 days (every day counts!)
Total weight gain? Finally gained!  24 lbs.  I gained 3 lbs this week... that makes my Dr. happy :)  I have only gained one pound since being on bed rest.
Movement?  More and more each day!
What I miss?  A full night of sleep
Sleep? not so much!  it doesn't help that a nurse comes in at 12 and 4am for vitals and medicine.  I have a hard time going back to sleep after the 4 o'clock.
Best moments this week?  (-) FFN ! 2 more weeks!!  Our families have been awesome!  This past weekend they both went above and beyond to help get us ready for Max and Claire's arrival!
Symptoms?  Continued contractions.  
What I look forward to?  Next Thursday we have an u/s and get to see how much M & C have grown and we will have a FFN on Friday.

Dr. Cousins just came in for her daily check up and said it feels like they are really growing!  

We're growing!!

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