Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas pictures

I decided to hold off one more day on my 34 week pregnancy highlights.  I have a dr appointment tomorrow which will make for a better update!

Because both siblings were out of town/country for Christmas, we celebrated 3 times!  We got two big gifts:  Canon Rebel T1i and a bookcase for the babies room along with lots of other fun things!  It was a beautiful Christmas in NC with snow falling for more than 12 hours and an accumulation of 6 inches!

I gave Justin an updated Ipod Nano that was engraved "Husband of the Year"

So excited for our new camera! - now I have to figure it out!

Justin surprised me with cowgirl boots!  Not easy to put on with a huge belly!  Can't wear them yet bc  I think I need a bigger size - not sure how they are supposed to fit.

Mom got us a signed Elf on the Shelf for the babies!

Loves his new golf bag!

Jeff, Darcy and I all got new Toms!

It was very nice to see and be with all of our family!

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