Wednesday, August 3, 2011

6 month well baby

Today Max and Claire had their six month well baby check up.  They are getting so big and the Dr. said everything was great :)

Max Man
18 lbs 10.5oz
27.5 in
over 75% in each!

The Bear
15 lbs 10 oz - slightly over 25%
26.5 in  75%

baby girl is long and lean!

So proud of our babies!!

Doing some last minute things before bed - my best friend Ashley is coming to visit with her husnabd and three kids tomorrow!! I am so excited!  Then it it is time to go supersonic and clean the house and finish packing our bags!

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  1. I love those chunky legs! My little guy is starting to grow out of his. :( I hope you're having fun on your trip.