Friday, August 12, 2011

Coming to an end

I can't believe our week in Long Beach Island, NJ is coming to an end.  It has gone by in lightening speed.  I have sooooo many wonderful pictures to post when I get home.  We did a family photo shoot on the beach Wednesday morning and it went great!!! 

We decided to leave tonight to see if Max will travel better.  The ride up with him was pretty miserable.  He whined/fussed/cried over half the way.  NOT a good traveler like his sister!
We are driving to VA tonight and my brother is getting married tomorrow!!

We are looking forward to getting home and getting back on our routine.  As much fun as we have had, it has been more tiring than relaxing.  Max and Claire have been waking up around 5 each morning.  It's killing me! (esp. since I get up to pump at 4:30 and have been going to bed after 11:30 each night)  Yesterday we just threw on our running clothes at 5:45 and took them for a run so they wouldn't wake the whole house up!

Cross your fingers for a pleasant drive to VA and NC!


  1. Good luck with the drive and congrats on your bros wedding.

  2. sorry you didnt get much sleep at the beach but the babes looked soo cute!!