Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's your schedule?

I need help.  We have been following Babywise since month 1.  It has worked well for us and Max and Claire have been sleeping through the night since month 3 (our main goal for starting babywise.)
This is our current schedule
6am wake up
7am bottle then play
8am nap
they usually nap 1.5 hrs and if they wake up early, we go for a walk in the neighborhood
11am  baby food (cereal and fruit), then bottle
Play til about 12:45/1 then go down for a nap
3pm bottle only
play and meet friend at park for a walk
they may or may not take a nap...if they do, it is usually a 45 min cat nap
6:30ish pm start baby food (veggies and cereal) , bath, then bottle
7:15pm  songs and bed

So I guess my question is - When do you feed your solids? right after bottle, before bottle, an hour after bottle/breast feeding?  I know we need to do what is best for us, but I just want to hear what others are doing or did.

I feel like we are in a rut.  Yesterday we went to the park for a walk and I decided to stop at the swings.  Max has been on the swing once before, but this was Claire's first time.  They both loved it!!  If I would have remembered sunscreen, we would have stayed longer...we will definitely do that again!
 Miss Priss

Happy Boy!

Yesterday was also their first time taking a big girl/big boy bath!  We have still been bathing in the sink...more for convenience for me.  Their splashing has gotten out of control so it was time for the bath tub.
However, I forgot to buy a bath mat so they won't slip and Max still doesn't sit unsupported for long periods of time so I put their bumbo seats in the tub.  

They had a great time!  It was a bit difficult for me by myself, but will be much easier and more fun when Justin is there to help.

Hopefully our computer will keep trucking along a little longer!  I tried some cleanup and it seems to have helped a little.


  1. Wish I could help but I have to stagger bottles and solids in order to cut back on spit up so it feels like I am constantly feeding. Here it is FWIW:

    6:30am wake + bottle
    8:00 am breakfast then nap
    10:30 am bottle
    11:00 am nap
    12:00 pm lunch
    2:00 pm bottle then nap
    5:00 pm dinner
    6:30 pm bottle then bed

  2. Hey Girl!

    We also stagger.

    6:30 Wake + Bottle
    8:30 Bottle
    11:00 Cereal
    12:30 Bottle
    3:00 Cereal w/ Fruits or Veggies
    6:00 Bottle
    7:30 Bath Time then a little cereal
    8:00 Bed

    Jack usually naps at 9 and 2

  3. Here's what our day typically looks like...
    Wake between 645 and 7, have a bottle.
    Breakfast (oatmeal and fruit) around 815/830
    Change clothes, stories, and down for nap around 9
    Sleep until 11ish
    (have to pick up my oldest from school)
    Lunch at 12ish (oatmeal and veggie)
    Nap around 1
    Sleep until 3ish
    Bottle between 3 and 4
    Dinner around 5:30 (fruit and veggie, and a taste of what we're having for dinner)
    Up for baths and quiet time around 6:15
    In bed by 7

    So a total of 2 bottles, not with the 3 meals they have.

    Hope that's helpful! It takes sometime to get into a groove and as soon as you do something changes!

  4. They are so cute!!!

    I wish I could remember our schedule then, sadly that seems so long ago. I remember I lived by our schedule and it was very familiar to yours. I gotta say, while the multiple naps are nice, more quiet time, I do enjoy the 1 nap a day now, so much easier to schedule outings.

  5. I started solid food in between bottles. Bottle at 7:30 and cereal around 9. Something with lunch and dinner!