Friday, October 14, 2011

Early Bird

This little guy has been up since 4AM.  It's killing me!  I say this as I am on my second cup of coffee and just finished a piece of pound cake - don't judge!  We try to make him cry it out, but that can only go on so long without waking up his sister.  This morning we first heard him at 4 and made him stay is his crib til close to 4:45.  He got to loud so we moved him to the play pin in the other room in hopes he would go back to sleep. NOPE.   We let him cry it out for a while and finally we got him.  Poor guy was sitting up crying.  Justin brought him back to our bedroom (what we were trying to avoid) and he laid down with me... only he didn't go back to sleep.  Finally at 5:55 we came in the den and I started to pump.  All this going on and Claire was still asleep.
Why does he keep getting up so early?  I know its not because he is hungry.  He literally gets up "clapping" and bouncing around.  Each morning he gets up earlier and earlier.  Part of me thinks it's because he is so eager to learn and play.
Any ideas or things I can do?

This girl needs sleep!


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  2. I bet he is getting ready to crawl!!! I've heard from many mommies that this happens. He is probably so excited to start exploring and trying new things!! Hopefully he will start exhausting himself!

  3. What time are you trying to put him down? I found that the earlier I got them in bed the longer they'd sleep. Also, maybe try putting Claire to sleep in the other room a couple of nights so you don't worry about him waking her up. Then you can let him talk all he wants until you decide to get him up. I do notice that once my babies figure out to sit by themselves they have no idea what to do next. They don't know how to get down. This ruined a couple of naps for us, so maybe try teaching him that during the day? That's all I can think of at the moment... keep us posted!