Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Helluva Day

Today was not my usual, "yay, it's Wednesday" day.  Claire's rash has not gotten any better so last night I made a doctor appointment for her.  It was at 1:00, so I picked them up early from Mother's Morning Out.  Back track to after I drop them off at school.  I was on a mission to find a new pair of Nike running shoes.  I love the pair Nike free shoes I have now, but in desperate need of new ones.  I went to three different stores to check out colors.
liked purple
Then I found these and loved everything about them. BUT. I decided they were too narrow :(  The pair I have now are mens, so naturally they are wider.  If I could swing it, I'd get them just to toot around in - but for running, they have to be a perfect fit.  They have similar ones in Men's but the lining is orange, not yellow.  I really like yellow and gray together.  I couldn't even try on the orange ones bc they were sold out.  I might try to go to Dicks or Sports Authority in hopes they have them.

So.... I spent 1.5 hours shoe hunting and the rest was mowing the grass and vacuuming.  Boring.

Back to the dr. appt.  So, since it was 1:00 and they have been at school all morning, they were ready for nap.  Actually, they were past due for a nap so on the way, they fell asleep.  I was the smart one who decided I could take them by myself.  It would have been fine, had it not been nap time.  I put Max in our umbrella stroller and carried Claire since she was the one seeing the doctor.  We waited 40 minutes in the waiting room.  Not easy!  We didn't leave until 2:30!
We were all tired.  I was so tired, I was emotional and cried when the doctor was examining Claire.  She was screaming and it made me hurt for her.  Just when I thought she was finished, she decided she was going to take a strep culture. Poor Claire!  Turns out, it is just a really bad yeast infection coupled with a bad diaper rash.  She switched her cream to one with out steriods and said to let her roam around (read: no diaper!) a few times a day for 15 min at a time.  I have to figure out the best way to do this.  I'm thinking wrapping/letting her lay on a towel while she has her bottles?

On a positive note, our usual nurse saw us and brought me 9 cans of formula!!  I sure do love thoughtful people!  She is helping us so much.  She said if we have to come back Monday, she will give us more :)
I'll have to bake her some more cookies.

baby girl being patient (kind of) so I could hold a sleepy and whiny, Max!

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