Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hello....what have I been thinking?  Every time I got up with Max Sunday night, I would rack my brain as to why this(waking at night and early  morning) was going on.  Finally, at 2am, after he continued to scream when we put him in our bed (bad, I know) and didn't calm down until held him sitting up, did I realize REFLUX!!!  I tracked this behavior back to August! Yes, we have been waking up before or right at 5 since AUGUST.  That is also when I started weaning him off of Zantac for his reflux.  I had told our doctor he seemed to be doing better and I didn't want him taking medicine if he didn't need it so we slowly weaned him off..... which makes sense bc it has progressively gotten worse.

Monday I had to go to the pediatricians office to pick up something and I told the nurse what I had figured out.  She said that could definitely be the problem.  Since she is awesome, she snuck me back to see the Dr. and got a new prescription and new dosage for Max!

I am happy to say last night we ALL slept through the night!  7:15-6:45  :)  We all woke up happy and were in good moods all day long!
I feel awful for just now figuring that out.  Hopefully the medicine is really helping and he will be back to his normal sleeping habits!


  1. Mother knows best! I hope Max is back to sleeping again.

  2. Oh yay, glad you got the figured out. Everyone needs their sleep! :)

  3. YAYAYAYAY!!! So happy for you - all of you!! Good job!!