Thursday, January 5, 2012

A little bit of randomness and a few things for me to remember.

I've been contemplating when to start using a sippy cup instead of a bottle.  Yesterday  I decided to try it for their 3:30 feeding and it went pretty well.
Although Max still threw a fit when it was empty.

Today we dressed up in our adorable outfits from Great Aunt Catherine.  Unfortunately they wouldn't sit still so this all I have

I turned around for a second and they had gotten into the diaper bag.
I promise I'm behaving!

Claire still has an awful diaper rash so after her bath we let her run around in her birthday suit!

*she has also started pointing at things she wants!

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  1. FYI from this Mama of 4 - Resinol. You can only get it at the Pharmacy but it doesn't require a prescription. It's pink, it's thick and it takes one application to see a difference. Two of my four have very reactive bums so I have it on hand alllll the time!!