Monday, January 16, 2012

Not 2, 3, or 4....

....but 5 miles!!  I think I've said in a previous post that Justin gave me a running envelope for Christmas. (He did not do this bc he thinks I need to run)  This is supposed to be fun and keep me motivated.  If I run a minimum of five days, two or more miles, I get $10 in the envelope.  So far I've earned $30!  I actually had to get him to raise the ante a little!  I can (and do) run more than two miles.  When he set that minimum, there were days that's all I would do, because that's all I had to do.  Get my drift?!  So... he said if I run 20 miles a week, I can earn $15! Now were talking!! ha!

..... anyways~today I took the kiddos to the gym just planning on running my measly two miles.  But then I saw a friend and her husband.  The gym was packed and the only treadmill available was next to her husband. I am the type that if I am running next to someone I know, or someone just running fast and far... I feel I have to do the same.  He said he was running for 40 min so I decided I'd shoot for 4 miles or 40 minutes too.  Well by the time I hit 40 minutes, I was at 4.25 miles - what's .75 more??
So, 5 down, 15 to go!! That is totally doable!!

I really enjoyed that run.  Now I just need to find that kind of motivation every day :)

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  1. Charlie said he'll take his cut of your $$ for added motivation! : )