Saturday, February 11, 2012

11 my way!

Heather tagged me.  I have already done this once, so this time I'm just answering the questions ;)

1. If you could get paid to do anything in the world without worrying about being realistic, what would you do? I supposed normal people would refer to this as a dream job. I always wanted to be a hair dresser :), but I also think it would be fun to be a personal trainer!
2. You can only live one place for the rest of your life and it can’t be anywhere you’ve lived before. Where would it be?  Tampa, Fl  Love it there!
3. If you were a celebrity, what would you be famous for?  
4. Can you recite the Greek alphabet? Nope
5. If you got to be on any game show you wanted, which one would it be?  This is a tough one.. I love game shows!  I would need one that I would for sure win something.. Wheel of Fortune - you are guaranteed to win $1000, but I used to love Price is Right and Family Feud! 
6. Roller blades or skates?  Definitely skates!
7. What’s your biggest fear?  Before becoming a parent, it was falling.... now it's fear of not being a good enough mom. 
8. If you could name yourself, what name would you chose? IF you asked me when I was a kid, I would have said Jennifer or Lindsay (popular names in the 80s)  
9. Would you rather go the Olympics or the Oscars?  Oscars!  I would love to get all glammed up!
10. Favorite thing to order in a restaurant.  Another tough one!  Money aside, I love a juicy, medium rare filet with a side of asparagus with hollandaise sauce.... and a big glass of cab!  
11. You’re the pilot on a plane. You can fly it anywhere you want. Where would you go? There are so many places I have not been... I'd have to say somewhere quiet and tropical ;)

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