Monday, February 13, 2012

Massacre Marathon Relay

Sunday, Justin, Darcy (my SIL) and our good friend Jay, participated in this relay marathon.  This is our third time.... and it just so happens that it is the coldest day of the year EVERY time!  In 2010, there was ice on the ground! ( I can't find my 2010 pics)
Everyone runs a loop around this lake (1.6 miles) x 4.  the first half is very hilly.  Did I mention it was also COLD?  It was 23 degrees when we got there, and only made it to 28.  You think we would be prepared, having done this two previous times.
Darcy *trying* to stay warm
This time we were smart enough to get Justin's truck there early so we could warm up if we wanted to... which I did ;)  Others had tents and heaters set up!  I was shocked to see that some of the runners were wearing sleeveless and shorts!  Guess they wanted us to know they meant business!
and business it was for them... the fastest group completed the marathon in 2:16:24!  Our team completed it in   3:38:38.  Not too shabby!  We averaged an 8:21 mile.   I was pretty happy with my splits.
Lap 1 - 8:10 pace (had to tie my shoe... would have been cool to be under 8!)
Lap 2 - 8:09 pace
Lap 3 - 8:24 pace (definitely the hardest for me)
Lap 4 - 8:14 pace
Last lap... looking like a goofball! 

We had planned to get pizza and beer afterward, but we had sick babies at home with their grandparents.
*update on Max Man
He has a double ear infection and a horrible cold. We He has not slept three nights in a row.  Justin is out of town for business tonight and I'm hoping he feels better tonight.  Claire is starting to get the bad cold now :( It is so painful to see them hurting.  Max took 3 naps today!!  He is so run down.
Tomorrow will be a better day ;)


  1. That's so impressive, good for you!

    Hope the lil man is feeling better today.

  2. Nothing is worse than sick babies :( It's frustrating for everyone. Amazing run girl. I'm not sure if I could do it at 28*! BRRR!