Tuesday, March 6, 2012

13 Months part II

So much for trying to do their 13 month post together.  Can't leave out The Max Man!!
Can he get any cuter?!
Oh, how I love him!!  Max is the sweetest baby (yes, he is still a baby, not a toddler ;) ).  Sure he has his moments of fussiness, but when he is happy, he is so sweet, funny and cuddly!  He has the best smile and the cutest cheeks I've ever seen!  Recently we noticed his first little curl.  We've started calling him, "Max one curl" - That would be his Indian name!
He has been practicing his walking.  He has gotten good at his walker and making turns... and has taken one step on his own.  When we hold his hands and he walks, you can feel how heavy his legs are!  It's going to happen any day now.  I didn't realize how crazy things were going to be (with two walkers) until today.  I took them to the Children's Museum by myself.  When we were leaving, I let Max push the stroller and Claire walk on her own... she has gotten so fast and goes in the opposite direction we are walking.  Life just got a little crazier!
Max loves to dance.  In fact, he dances to noise in general!  If I start up the vacuum, he starts the head bob, same with the dish washer or washing machine - makes me smile every time :)  They like to chase each other, especially under the kitchen table.  The best giggles come from chasing or hiding from each other.  Bath time is another favorite!  They could play in the bath an hour if I let them.  He (they) are obsessed with dogs.  Their face lights up when the hear a bark or see a dog.  They each have a stuffed animal dog and they love on them all day!  Dog Dog was one of Max's first words.  He can say, dog dog, Mama, Dada, ball and he signs, "food/eat", "more", "please", "ball", and "bird"
Max is an excellent eater.  His recent favorite is tortellini.  We are working on the bottle transition still.  This morning they had their milk in a sippy cup.  Although he finished it, he fussed the whole time.  Claire would not drink hers.  What to do???? Tonight I gave them their milk in a bottle. I'm going to Target tomorrow to look for new cups.
 Max has NINE teeth!  The newest is a molar and I think there might be another one getting ready to break through.  He wears a size 4 diaper, and 12-18 month clothes (a few things are 18-24).

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  1. Ok, I guarantee my mom wasn't feeding me such amazing food like tortellini at 13 months! Lucky boy!! I love seeing them sitting together like that - those are always my favorite pictures!!
    xoxo :)