Thursday, March 22, 2012

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

Wow! The weather recently has been so beautiful.  I'm in love!  The sun just makes me a happier person.
Thank goodness the weather was so beautiful and I was happy.... because the babes were a handful today.  We did have a good start with sippy cups.  (I got a little cocky, bc their Claire's night time milk did not go well). They took a decent nap and we were off to the gym.  I was having a great workout and I was 2.5 miles into my run when  I heard my name paged to the nursery.  Claire had been crying and wouldn't stop.  Recently she has been very clingy, I mean, EXTRA clingy and doesn't like when I leave her.  She even does this at home.  She clings to my legs and if I'm holding her, she has death grip on my arm.  Not sure where this is coming from.  So we left, went to Target, came home, had lunch, played, visited with my Dad, then down for nap #2.  FAIL.  She was up 35 minutes later.  I went in with some ibuprofen, hoping she would go back to sleep.  Nope.
I was able to get her to cuddle for a few minutes, but we ended up outside walking in her new squeak shoes.   While she was crying I noticed she was getting TWO molars!  That might explain some of the fussiness and waking up so darn early!  Is it weird to get the molars before the front teeth. (not the two front teeth, but the ones beside them?)
Max woke up about an hour later and we went on a run.  (total 4.25 today!) and played outside.
The buds!  Loves his hat!
haha! Max looks like he is raising his hand "my turn"
This is the face she makes right before she does something silly or something she knows she's not supposed to do!
(Excuse picture quality.  I was playing with different settings - Obviously, I did not get what I was trying to do!.... one day I'll figure it out!)

Max and Claire are 14 months old today!  We had our onesies on, ready to do our monthly pics,  but they were too fussy... maybe Saturday when Daddy is home ;)

OH... anyone watch the new show on ABC, "Missing"?  It's pretty good! reminds me of the movie, "Taken"

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