Thursday, April 26, 2012

15 Month Well Baby

Max and Claire did great at their 15 month check up.  Our doctor is pleased with how they are growing - that makes Mommy happy!
They had to two shots and Max had to get his finger pricked.  Tears only lasted a second.
Daddy kept them entertained while waiting.  All was good til Max put the glove in his mouth and a piece broke off....right when the Dr walked in! Parents of the year! ha!

Max: 15 months
26.5 lbs (85-90%)
32.25 inches (85-90%)

Claire: 15 months
21.5 lbs (50%)
30 inches (50%)

I wasn't surprised that Max was that high.  He's a big boy!  I thought Claire would be bigger as much as she eats!  Dr said it was normal for toddlers to "graze" so that made me feel better about her snacking ALL the time!

Yay for healthy and happy babies!


  1. Couldn't ask for anything more than happy and healthy babies!

  2. Yay for happy healthy babies! And cuties at that! Your boy weighs the same as my 30 month old boy! My babe is a mini. :)