Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Easter Bunny came to see Max and Claire!

Buds loved his bunny ears!

Bear loved her ears too!
Claire kept walking around saying, "oh, oh, oh!"  She had a great time going through her basket.  
I'm not going to jinx us by saying I think we are moving in the right direction, but this morning they slept til 6:40!!  It was so nice! They played, had breakfast and then it was out the door to church.  We had a great service followed by a nice lunch at my parents house.

After lunch, Buds played with Mom outside.  He was happy when he saw the ball!
He is getting so close to walking!  I think he is becoming more confident.  He is taking a lot more steps on his own..... but the minute you try to stand him up to walk, he buckles.  He wants to do it on his own time!

I attempted to get a picture with my two favorite littles..... 
..... but had more luck stealing kisses from my baby boy!

Hope everyone had a nice Easter!

and Happy 16th birthday to my cousin, Campbell!!! :)


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Love the ones of them looking in their baskets with their ears on. :)

  2. I found your blog on Kelly's Link-up! I have boy/girl twins who are 9 months old. I can't wait to read about your kids and follow along, since mine will be right behind yours!

  3. Oh how cute! Love them checking out the Easter backets and wearing ears :)