Monday, May 7, 2012

1st Getaway!

Justin and I got back from our first getaway together since the babes were born.  (We did have a weekend at home for New Year's but that doesn't count bc we were working around the house)
We went to Myrtle Beach with three other couples.  We got there Friday around 3pm, spent an hour or two on the beach and headed out for dinner and dancing!
The girls
At the end of the night (as if you couldn't tell!) with our best friends!
We had so much fun Friday night and ended it with a Belgium waffle at 2am!  It's been a while!
It was nice to sleep in (9:15) Saturday morning.... although I am not sure it counts as sleeping in when you go to bed close to 3am?!  It was so sunny and I wasn't going to waste anytime getting to the beach!
We stayed on the beach most of the day.  Took a little break for lunch and back to the beach til 4 when we decided to hit up the outlets!
I love going to the outlets!  I actually racked up this trip. I got three dresses, one swimsuit cover up and two pairs of sunglasses.  The deals on the glasses were unbelievable!  I got a pair of Maui Jim's and Tory Burch for $140!! That's less than the original price of the Maui Jim's!  I'd say that was a deal!

We had a late dinner Saturday and half of us headed in around 11:30.  Being in the sun wears you out!
Sunday we had an early breakfast and hit the road to go see our babies!  We missed them so much!  
Grandma and Grandpa sent a pic from Saturday morning
They had a blast!  Thanks so much for keeping them so Justin and I could have a weekend away!


  1. It sounds like a really great trip!! The outlets sound especially great ;)

  2. Oh wonderful, sounds like a great trip! And yay for getting away, it is so needed! We finally had our first getaway just this year (and yes, he's 2) ... now I can't wait for the next one!

  3. Love the pictures! I just wrote a post yesterday and included a picture from our trip to Myrtle Beach years ago - it was fun looking back through all of our pictures and then seeing your post today. I love a great deal by the way!