Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hot Hot Hot!

Well... today was Hot! and very sunny. My favorite kind of weather!  I took Max and Claire to the park, only to realize I forgot sunscreen.  I found two of Claire's hats so we stayed for a few minutes to swing and play in the sand.
They both need new hats, especially Max man.  We have been looking on-line to find a cool UGA hat.

So, the hubs is out of town :(  It would be nice of the kiddos to be super sweet, sleep in and not fuss too much.... however... I've been up since around 4:15am.  Started with Claire fussing, she went back to sleep, but Max woke up and wouldn't stop crying.  In hopes he wouldn't wake up Claire, I went to bring him in our room.  BIG mistake - and I knew better.  He wouldn't lay still, kept pulling playing with my hair and finally I had to put him back in his bed - that was around 5:00.  He cried on and off for a good 30 minutes so I went and got him again.  More tossing, turning and hair pulling til we finally started the day at 6am!
Then, as we were getting ready for the park, I noticed Max had left the room. (I was putting Claire's shoes on)  Immediately I remember I left the bathroom door open and sure enough, he was playing with a bath toy, in the TOILET. GROSS!  He was soaked, as was the floor around him!  two more days!

Also, mom came across a few pics of me as a baby/toddler.  Who do you think looks like me?

Max or Claire?! Neither? Both?


  1. jandi.newall@ymail.comMay 2, 2012 at 2:58 AM

    Definitely Max! our days can start anything from 4am ( we are happy if we make it to 5am!)

  2. I think there is actually a really good mix in there!

  3. Haha, oh no! They sure know how to test the limits already don't they? I definitely see Max, but I see Claire as well.

  4. Hi, Kelly from Greensboro! I'm Sherry from Charlotte...although I've lived all over NC. Nice to "meet" you. Congratulations on two cute little bundles of joy! Aren't children just the best blessings? I have two little men (5 and 1) so they keep us hopping over here. I can only imagine twins do the same. :-)

  5. just stopping by from Kelly's Korner- checking out other NC blogs. Your little kiddos are PRECIOUS! Stop by our little corner of the world sometime. Blessings- Ashly