Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What To Expect

Last night I went to see What To Expect When You are Expecting.  It was really cute.  It covered the basics of pregnancy, miscarriage, twins, and complications with birth. It may or may not have given me baby fever ;)

On an unrelated note... I'm not sure if I have mentioned, but a few weeks ago, I signed up for 10 personal training sessions at our gym.  I am six sessions in and love it - but I haven't lost any weight, in fact, I have gained a few pounds.  We have done measurements once since the first session and I have lost 1 inch around waist, 1 around chest and .5in around my arm.  I went in saying I wasn't going by weight, just inches, but I don't get gaining a few pounds.  It is really bothering me.  I am going to try to "write what I bite" this week to see if I am doing something different.


  1. Losing inches sounds great but I know how we always have to obsess over pounds. You are always so active, I wish I could be more like that!!

    1. I have always been active, just not this active! I think once I lost my baby weight, plus some, I was/am scared of gaining it back ;)

  2. I want to see that movie too! I bet it's hard seeing the scale go up, but if your clothes fit better, I'd say whatever you're doing is working!

  3. I've been wondering how the movie was! I was thinking about sending my little guys into daycare one day and taking my sister to go see it!