Thursday, June 7, 2012


For the past month or two Max and Claire have been climbing on chairs, but yesterday Max took it to a whole different level!
I was in the kitchen washing dishes and came in to check on them and found this:

Lol. He is so funny. He also knocked over the water table last week bc he was trying to climb in!

Fast forward to today and my adventurous baby had two falls, last one was him taking a tumble down a driveway :(. One of our friends is having a yard sale this weekend and asked if I wanted to come check it out. So I was going through tubs of toys and clothes and they were playing right in front if me and all the sudden Max starts pushing a push toy down the driveway. My friend started running after him and got him right after he took a little face dive :( my heart broke. He got a little skinned up but is ok!

This mama Is ready for the beach. We leave tomorrow for 1.5 weeks! Not sure how relaxing it will be with a four year old and two sets of twins one and six months!! But at least my toes will be in the sand :)

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  1. Kelly I'm dealing with the same!! Climbing sucks!!!!!!

    Have a great time at the beach :)

  2. I am not ready for all the bumps and bruises that come with walking. The owies just from crawling are enough for my heart to skip a beat. Have a blast on your trip!!