Thursday, June 21, 2012

Family Beach Trip

Last week was our first Payne/Fredrick family beach trip.  It was my Mom and Dad, my brother, his wife, 6 mo old twins, and four year old.  It was A LOT of fun, but also very tiring!  Justin was only there half the week.  Max and Claire were great most of the time.  They LOVED everything about the beach - the shells, the sand, the waves, the little "pools" in the sand, shovels, etc....  They played so hard every day.
Part of being tired was because my two angels decided they wanted to wake up at 5/5:15 every morning.  At home I would make them stay in their rooms until 6, but at the condo, I had to be respectful of the other sleeping families. Thankfully they have gone back to 6:15/6:30 since we have been back.

Their (mostly Max) tantrums have gotten worse.  And 90% of the time I change Max's diaper, he loses it.  It is like wrestling an alligator and has gotten ridiculous.  Today I'm going out to buy Toddlerwise and Happiest Toddler on the Block.  I read both of the baby versions of these books and really liked them.  Any other suggestions are welcome!

Max and Claire loved their "bebe" cousins.  They loved to hug and kiss on them and give them sweet pats!  Next year should be a lot of fun when they can all interact!
Taking a snack break.  These two are bottomless pits.  If they see someone eating, it's over!  They start saying and signing "more" "eat" and "please" until you give them food.  One would think I never fed them!
We also got a lot of great family photos!  I'm pretty happy how they all turned out!
Grandma with all the grand children
The whole gang!
Children and Grand children
My favorite picture!
Our little family!
My sister-in-law and Me with our twins!
My two favoritest babies in the world!


  1. Oh I LOVE all the family photos!! Something about families and babies on a beach just makes everything right in the world. :) That picture of them both sleeping on the beach is so cute. I figured they played hard, they sleep hard. I wish Chloe would sleep out places, even just in her stroller but it's like she doesn't want to miss anything and stays awake even if she is exhausted. She has also gotten hard to change, always rolling around and mad when I hold her in place, I was hoping it would pass quickly but by the sounds of it, maybe that's not going to happen. :(

  2. Holy cuteness!! That last picture is too die for. Love your cute little family!

  3. Great photos! It looks like lot of fun.

    My girls are also difficult, tantrum-prone toddlers these days. I read the Happiness Toddler on the Block. And while it makes perfect sense, I always get very overwhelmed in the moment! I should read it again, and try to be more consistent.

    The problem I'm having much like you are is that one (Alexa) is much more prone to acting out then the other. I hate that I feel like I'm always disciplining her but she clearly needs more discipline.

    I'd like to know if there's a good book out there for how to parent twin toddlers because I think we face a lot of unique issues.