Thursday, June 14, 2012


I've dreaded this day..... Claire is now saying "no" and I don't like it one bit! She is such a sassy pants. We were at the beach this morning and my jaw dropped when she said that to me!
They have worn me out this week. Justin left on Monday and they have been a handful. Mom is very helpful, but there is another set of twins and a four year old that need attention! We are looking forward to Justin coming back tomorrow!

This is max having one of his many tantrums. It has become ridiculous. He can be so happy and loving one second and out of nowhere he gets upset and has meltdown. He then proceeds to a corner to cry by himself. If you try to console him, he gets mad and pushes you away. Please tell me this will pass SOON!
Also, please tell me why they haven't slept past 5:30 this entire week????! I shouldn't leave out Max woke up at 4:58 this morning.
As much as I love the beach, I need routine and structure and an environment where they can be loud and one that is childproof!

They are a bottomless pit!

Claire loving in her cousin :)

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  1. Chloe is already wearing us out with her determined personality, I can only imagine what our future holds. Was the "no" even cute for a second? I'd think it would be, and then it would sink in real quick what this means now. ha! The picture of the two sleeping together is precious!